Master Class “Eldorado”

 Master Class
I suggest you look incredibly beautiful designs under the name” Eldorado.

Master Class "Eldorado"Step 1. Take dry leaves DRWS006 Leaves and DRWS011 Leavesand lay them on top of wet acrylic substrate.




Master Class "Eldorado"Step 2. Take a dry glitter of blue and purple colors, and fill thespaces around the sheet.




Master Class "Eldorado"Step 3. Overlaps zapilivaem nail. Take a flat square brush (forChinese painting). Dunk a corner in white paint, one in purple. Make a few test strokes (for mixing inks) on paper, then make a smearacross the nail.


Master Class "Eldorado"Step 4. Outline the edge of a thin paint brush of black color. If you like, some places may be filled by dots.




Step 5. Draws the glare of white paint. The design is ready!.




Master Class "Eldorado"The master class is prepared by Olga Dikov.

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