Basic French tips. Acrylic mixture ibd

nails-polishBefore applique basic French Wrap with clear acrylic coating, preparatory procedures according to the five steps. After that you are ready for application.

After careful preparation tips sort by size. Pick up tips to fit the natural nails. You may need a little tips of a larger size, to enhance the structure of the nail.

Apply glue five second ibd at the point of contact tips. Glue TIPS sliding motion of the free edge of the cuticle, it will eliminate air pockets. Squeeze the edges for a more reliable contact. With a special guillotine to trim the nail tip to the desired length.

Stoch sapphire nail file nail tip stiffness 180. Avoid zapilivanie smile lines, it can spoil it. On completion, remove the dust.

Apply sparingly to the natural primer plate. Do not allow the primer to the tips, nail tip may turn yellow.

Transparent acrylic coating is one ball on the basis of transparent acrylic powder Crystal Clear. Place the balls in the middle of the nail plate. Distribute the ball with the tip of the brush toward the cuticle. Next, start to smear the product forward to the free edge, using a thickening brush. Avoid contact with the cuticle. Crush the product, pressing it forward. If necessary, apply a second coat to create a set of nails and strengthen the area of ??stress.

Since the acrylic hardens, there comes a window of opportunity to create a set of artificial nail. Set of nail a line of arch groove to groove, he is responsible for the durability and strength of the nail. It can be seen when looking at the free edge of the nail from the end. Angle set artificial nail depends on a set of natural nail. With his nails to create the necessary bending arch, pressing both sides body nail.


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