Master Classes

Artificial nails “Liquid Nail Tips”

Nail Tips

Detailed master class in nail technology “Liquid tips” from the teacher, technologist and creative director of the training center “Formula Pro” – Juliana Zhadukovoy. In this master class, demonstrated how easy and simple to work with “Liquid Nail Tips.” Pictures and detailed descriptions to help you understand how to work with “Liquid Nail Tips”, then you can start working for   Read more »

Tipsy or shape

Tipsy or shape

Tipsy or shape Which is better, tips or form? What is the difference between tips and forms? What your nails stronger? These and other questions are often asked by clients. Then the master of doubt: what to advise? as will be better? Therefore, the master should know in what cases is to increase the nails on tips and public –   Read more »

Basic French tips. Acrylic mixture ibd

Before applique basic French Wrap with clear acrylic coating, preparatory procedures according to the five steps. After that you are ready for application. After careful preparation tips sort by size. Pick up tips to fit the natural nails. You may need a little tips of a larger size, to enhance the structure of the nail. Apply glue five second ibd   Read more »

A simple master-class on nail design

Простой мастер-класс по дизайну ногтей

The design is very interesting mix of classic jacket with bright colors of foil. Step 1. Building up the nail square. Making a French manicure with black free edge.                 Step 2. Gel or glue paint the future flower. On top of laid tear the foil. Cover the gel.           Read more »

Master Class “For beginners nail-stamping”

Master Class "For beginners nail-stamping"

This master class for beginners. Here you will see how to apply for a specific design, nail stamping technology. With a little effort you get an amazing result! Step 1. Building up a nail in the normal way, opilivaem, attach a square shape. Step 2. Purple gel cover obliquely free edge of the nail, dry them in the lamp.     Read more »

Master Class “A thrilling spectacle”

Master Class "A thrilling spectacle"

Present to you the most beautiful design for lovers of extraordinarybright design. The following stages describe the creation of thisbeauty. Step 1. Prepare your nails to the building. Make a transparent substrate gel. It bears purple gel.     Step 2. Then plot the cherry gel.       Step 3. Brush a thin plot the waves of different bright colors of gels.(white, yellow, orange, pink)     Step 4. Next to the waves draw more waves, but smaller in size (by the same gel), add the mica.     Step 5. We cover the transparent acrylic nails.       Step 6. Opilivaem resulting nail.     Read more »

Master-class “Spring Flowers”

Master-class "Spring Flowers"

Step 1. As standard procedure to prepare the nail capacity.     Step 2. Attach the form.       Step 3. Make a thin substrate of a transparent gel, we carry outelongation of camouflage.     Step 4. Prepare palette – choose the right color gels.     Step 5. By double-swab technique (flat square brush, dip the edgein different colors and make a few strokes on the paper for mixing)white and green paint make the piece.   Step 6. For dual-stroke carry flower bud white and redgelem.Seredinku sprinkle yellow and green sequins.   Step 7. EnvelopeMessage opilivaem, zashlifovyvayut.     Step 8. In random draws with   Read more »

Master Class “Eldorado”

I suggest you look incredibly beautiful designs under the name” Eldorado. Step 1. Take dry leaves DRWS006 Leaves and DRWS011 Leavesand lay them on top of wet acrylic substrate.       Step 2. Take a dry glitter of blue and purple colors, and fill thespaces around the sheet.       Step 3. Overlaps zapilivaem nail. Take a flat square brush (forChinese painting). Dunk a corner in white paint, one in purple. Make a few test strokes (for mixing inks) on paper, then make a smearacross the nail.   Step 4. Outline the edge of a thin paint brush of black color. If you like, some   Read more »

Nail Design at home

Nail Design at home

With the help of available tools, such as a needle, a toothpick, brush or to straighten a paper clip, you can create a variety of point-like designs on the nails. As a result, you can create not only simple flowers, but the whole picture and portraits! Below I will describe several options for getting beautiful pictures. Dip your tool to the   Read more »

Master – class nail design number 13

Master - class nail design

Step 1. Paint your nails with white polish. We provide dry. Pink paintwell, and draws on the free edge ellipsoidal design element. Step 2. On top of the ellipse with white paint repeat the form, butsmaller in diameter. Step 3. Alternating pink and white lacquer paint inside the ellipsesmaller ellipses. Step 4. Contours colored spots draws brush (color draws the appropriate element) to make our picture more clear. The end result of the fixing cover coating.