Pendant with Swarovski and Pearl

Pendant with Swarovski and Pearl
















This product is not manufactured by Swarovski, and does not have a logo «swan», but in its manufacture used in the original Austrian crystals Swarovksi

The product is cast from the anti-allergenic alloys that are used to close contact with the body. Decorations are covered by 24 karat gold.

For the coating method, which allows you to get the most even layer of noble metal, which makes long-term preservation and reduces the possibility of mechanical damage.

If you want to make jewelry to retain its beauty and shine – try to avoid contact with it all sorts of deodorants, varnishes, sea water, spirits, water from the basin. During exercise and sleep better shoot off all jewelry.
For cleaning products e’e wash with mild soap and then wipe with a soft cloth.

Pendant with Swarovski and Pearl

Цена – 180 гривен

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