Gold plated ring with zircon

Incredibly beautiful ring – gold plated with zircon (sample 18K RGP).

The classic design of the ring will actively engage in any fashionistas! Stone, shimmering faces better than diamond.

Gold plated ring with zircon


Sample 18KRGP – it carat gold labeling products used in the West. Pure gold or 24 carat. The phrase “18 karat gold” means that the alloy of 24 parts 18 have the gold, and the remaining 6 – to other metals. Sample corresponds 18KRGP 750. That is, the product is covered by a layer of gold 750. Product hypoallergenic, incredibly beautiful, and with proper care retain their appearance for many years.

The most frequently asked question – dark if your jewelery? Answer honestly – any jewelery eventually darkens. But subject to a few simple rules of jewelry purchased from us will long to please you with its beauty.

Care rules:
– When in the shower – remove jewelry;
– When bathing in the sea or in the pool – remove the decorations;
– When using chemicals for cleaning – remove the jewelry, or wear gloves;
– When using perfume – perfume try, and then wear jewelry;
– Do not use cleaning products abrasives – do it with a soft cloth liquid detergent.

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