Gold Filled Earrings

Beautiful earrings made ​​of Technology Gold Filled.

Material: 18K Gold Filled
Dimensions: 60 x 16 mm
Product Weight: 4.19 grams

Gold Filled Earrings

Everyone knows that pure gold (fine gold) – very soft and fragile material. Every owner of gold jewelry is not just faced with a “grinding” products, which often ended with a loss. That the product was strong and durable, use stronger alloys of gold (solid gold) with metals (silver, copper, zinc and others). The content of the gold is measured in carats. The most commonly used gold from 10 to 18 carats.

The most common and inexpensive type of gilding – plating (Gold Plated or GP), ie the thickness of the gold coating – a few microns, it is sprayed onto the substrate. These ornaments appearance in no way inferior gold products. But on the service life it is more ephemeral than Gold Filled, or GF.

More expensive and high quality way to the gold coating used in the creation of jewelery and jewelery ornaments higher category (fine jewelry), – is the way that the literal translation sounds like “full of gold” (Gold Filled, or GF).Way of “filling in gold,” is to create a layer of golden rolling, rapid heating, together with the substrate of the base metal (usually as a base metal using brass or copper, but can also be a bronze or Gold Filled Earrings

alloys) in the airless environment to a temperature of about 900 degrees, and compression of the high hydraulic pressure (about 170 atmospheres). The result is a gold coating with a thickness of 8-10 to hundreds of microns, which forms the substrate metallurgically fused connection.

Filled with hypoallergenic gold jewelry, more durable than Gold plated and retain their form for decades, so the purchase of jewelery is quite a reasonable investment. In other words – it is more cost-effective way to join the world of luxury and wealth, which represents the gold.

Designation of gold filled jewelry can be, for example, the following: 14K/20 GF. In this notation the letters “GF”means gold filled, ie filled with gold, “20” means that this product is the share of gold alloy (not gold!) accounts for 1/20 (ie 5%) of its total weight, “14K” means that used to cover 14 karat gold, that is, gold content in the surface alloy is equal to 58% (ie 24 units of an alloy containing 14 unitsof gold).

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