beautiful bracelet 18K Gold Filled

Beautiful braceletBeautiful bracelet with a butterfly. Color – Russian gold. Butterfly – artificial zircon, price – 120 hryvnia

very beautiful, delicate and original bracelet.

The photo can not see all of its beauty – for some reason does not work, lighted stones 🙂

Condition: New
Material: 18K gold filled with Russian (Gold Filled)
Dimensions: 215mm * 9mm
Weight: 21.40 grams
Note: Our jewelery is not allergens, is nickel-and scratch-resistant
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The most common and inexpensive form of gold plating – plating (Gold Plated or GP), that is, the thickness of the gold coating – a few microns, it is sprayed onto the substrate. The jewelery in appearance are as good as gold products. But for durability it is more short-lived than Gold Filled or GF.

More expensive and quality way gold coating used in making jewelry and ornaments of jewelery higher category (fine jewelry), – a method that is the literal translation sounds like “filled with gold» (Gold Filled, or GF). Way of “filling gold” is to create a gold layer lamination, fast heating of the substrate with the base metal (usually a base metal used brass or copper, but can also be bronze or alloys) in the airless environment to a temperature of about 900 degrees, and compression under high water pressure (about 170 atmospheres). The result is a gold coating thickness from 8.10 to hundreds of microns, forming the substrate metallurgically fused connection.

Gold filled jewelry is hypoallergenic, more durable than Gold plated and retain their form for decades, so the purchase of such jewelry is quite reasonable investment. In other words – it’s more cost-effective way to join the world of luxury and wealth, which represents the gold.

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