Women’s shortcomings

Women's shortcomingsWomen can not live without men, men – no women. In most cases it is the case. And of course, some other things annoying. Women have hundreds of forums discussing what irritates them in the second half – from the water drops on the floor in the bathroom to the sock under the bed.
Men, too, feel free to “regret” the web. Having read a number of forums, I have tried to identify the main things women that annoy men.
1. Women envy, and the desire to “bite and near obgadit bottom” – as in the henhouse.
When the restaurant comes a handsome man – the male part of the restaurant can look up to honor the newcomer. If we go down to the restaurant a beautiful woman – a girl does not hold out to release some scathing remarks about the appearance and hair / make-up beauty. It annoys many men.
2. Tearfulness
Women often cry a lot, and even occasionally without explicit reason. This is very annoying, and even angry men. Many of the girls are too often used as a weapon of tears, leading to irreparable consequences – your tears do not cause men remorse or feeling of pity. Think about it, ladies
3. Many charges
Women need more time to get ready. Everyone understands that a girl should spend more time in the make-up and styling. But more than that, and the men for several hours waiting for the ladies hearts. Their is very annoying, and often they are so angry that when she was about to – they are not able to assess the fruits of its efforts. Girls, get ready carefully, but do not delay the process.
4. Eternal diet
Men admit that they do not really like to go on dates with girls who are on a diet. And even favorite steak with potatoes is not so good, looking at the girl chewing lettuce with water or tea.
5. Hiding the real numbers.
Women often lie about the age of the guys, which is very annoying men. Therefore, weigh, which he upset more – from the truth or a lie, and then respond.
6. PMS
Oh, this PMS! Men would willingly have left for this period, but would not tolerate your nervousness. But most of them angry that women are trying to cover up their misdeeds, referring to PMS. Try not to use this loophole too often.
7. Girlfriend.
Almost every woman has a friend who does not approve of her choice of a young man. And most interesting is what it does produce a couple of scandals. The result – a man trying to “divert” the girl from her friends.

Listen to our advice or not – you decide. I only want to point out that if you try to circumvent these seven men of unpleasant things – they will be very happy and love you even more.

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