Improving brain function


Improving brain function

Our brain – a body that holds many secrets. This is the body without which man can not live, although many other organs can be replaced, or to live without them. Scientists have proven that we are using up 33% of the brain. For years, they are struggling with the question – how to increase the capabilities of the brain and increase the percentage of its capacity. In this article, I certainly do not teach you that, but tell a few little tricks to speed up the brain.

1) The most powerful, is the most harmful method – coffee and cigarettes. Coffee speeds up the brain, and the cigarettes, surprisingly, increase the sharpness and precision of thought. These “bonuses” are not working for a long time, and given the damage to health that combination – to use this method only recommend in an emergency.

2) A more secure method – chew the cud. Better with mint or menthol – they cheerfully. And the best part – gum increases concentration is stronger than coffee.

3) coffee and donuts (or other sweets). The combination of caffeine and glucose affects care.

4) During the mental work, take a hand in drawing, you dive in yourself, you can call it a kind of trance. Concentration and memory increase, which was to be achieved

6) You may find this strange, but it is worth a try. Often think of the geniuses of our world – scientists, writers, musicians and poets of genius. There is a theory that the thought of them evoke associations with the brain, and the desire to develop.

7) Not very useful, but very effective method – energy. Because of its composition, they accelerate the brain activity, and awaken you when you think you’re already on what can not. If you are an ardent opponent of “drugs” – you can just sit back, look at the bank and to the impact of the adoption. , The action 🙂

8) Buy a rosemary, and smell it. It enhances concentration. It helps when everything seems to hear and understand everything, but somehow a bunch collect fails.

9) Background (not loud) classical music helps to focus on an object reflection. But any other music gives a diametrically opposite effect.

10) Do not try to solve all the problems and important issues at once. Organize on the paper, you need to solve, and in punktno consider every problem.

11) saying “sleep on it” – not just a pretty phrase. Indeed, rested people solve problems many times faster, and way out of difficult situations also come much more interesting. Healthy sleep – the key to mental activity.
13) Do not lose faith in yourself. And remember – there are no unsolvable problems. If you’re confident in your abilities – all you get. But apathy and doubt will only depression.12) Probably, each had a situation where you know that somewhere intersect with someone and feel the importance of this point, but just can not remember. Come home, lie down and relax. In the horizontal position and the activity of noradrenaline coeruleus decreases. You relax, and the answer comes by itself.
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