Carrier bag for dogs

Carrier bag for dogsCarriers for the animals – a very handy thing, especially for owners of small dogs are very sensitive to cold. It became not only a convenient way to move with the animals, but also a fashion accessory. It is very important how your carrying. For winter bags covered in fur, to better retain heat, and your pet is in any case not a cold. Most models also have a window to your pet had the opportunity to see the world when you’re indoors. But when going outside to close it to keep the heat inside. Also there are options when opening the dog’s head is above the bag.
Right now fashionistas can choose a bag portability so that it matches your lifestyle and clothing, the color of her passions. In trend now sports Carriers for dogs, and a variety of design solutions of leather, suede, crocodile leather, decorated with different metal parts (rivets, locks, chains, spikes), made in classic style.
Important! Approach to choosing Carriers very seriously, because the health and even the life of your pet depends on your choice. Bags must be made from natural materials only, or you risk depriving your pet enough oxygen, and thus weaken its immunity.
Also like to draw your attention to a new product – kengurushki for animals. They are somewhat similar to the baby sling. Are crochet bag that is simple enough to wear around the neck, and put the animal. A great advantage of these bags is that your hands are free, and a favorite with you.
Kengurushki not gone far from bags-perenosok and immediately won the hearts of fashionistas – are not only fashionable, but also a convenient accessory that pleases both the pet and owner. They can withstand weight up to 10 kilograms. Initially, their production appeared in Hong Kong, where they made four different sizes and in a wide range of colors.
and, I forgot to say – in the bags for animals always have a pocket for the hosts – there you’ll be able to lay down the necessary stuff (well, not to take a another bag with you).

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