Why hair falls out on the head – the norm and disease

почему выпадают волосы на головеWhy hair falls out on the head – this may be due to various reasons, including the presence of serious diseases, hidden or overt. Many prefer to solve the problem of hair loss with traditional methods, but often the hair loss requires a skilled diagnosis and timely medical care.

There is no person that does not have hair fall. Hair loss testify to the renewal of your body, of your lost hair grow new, stronger and more healthy. Per day a person loses about a hundred hairs, and is quite normal. During shampooing, the number of lost hair can grow, but to give up shampooing in the name of saving the hair is not worth it. The hair that should fall out, leave in any case, your head sooner or later. However, sometimes the number of hairs on your comb or in the drain hole of the bath, begins to exceed the amount to which we are accustomed, if what you see causes you anxiety and concern, then your hair started falling out more than usual and this process should not be ignored.


Telogen alopecia

Telegenova called alopecia, increased hair loss, which is celebrated after pregnancy, major surgery, severe and a large weight loss, severe stress and other events which affect our body strong influence both physiological and psychological point of view. When telegenova alopecia number of hairs falling out during washing, combing or styling, is increasing dramatically. Hair loss can also be caused by taking certain medical drugs such as antidepressants, beta blockers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. During telegenova alopecia hair shaft faster than usual moving from a growth phase into a phase of “rest”, then just as quickly comes to a phase loss or the so-called telogen phase.

Telogen alopecia manifested, as a rule, from six weeks to three months following the stressful to the body event. In the peak phase, the hair loss takes a particularly acute character, sometimes stray hairs can literally be measured by handfuls. Tests and analyses for diagnosis telegenova alopecia does not exist. Additionally, the expert can examine the root of fallen hair, in order to establish whether the hair shaft all stages of growth. If the loss of flooring caused by taking a medication, change the dosage or pick up by a doctor another drug.

If hair loss is triggered by stress, try to improve your ability to handle stress or avoid stressful situations.


Hair loss: hereditary factor

Genetically caused loss of hair in medicine is called androgenic alopecia, this type of baldness is the most common. The gene responsible for previously, baldness may be inherited in the paternal or on the maternal side, if a genetic predisposition to hair loss present with both parents, the probability of premature balding, increased accordingly.

In women, androgenic alopecia manifests itself in the form of hair reduction on the line of their growth, most often on the forehead. Hair is thinning gradually, the first signs of hereditary balding may occur at a young age.

In some cases hereditary hair loss is diffuse, that is, the foci of hair loss can be simultaneously placed in different areas of the scalp.

To diagnose this type of baldness trichologist studies the nature of the location of foci of hair loss, and can also be carried out blood tests to rule out other probable causes of hair loss. In some cases, biopsy of the scalp, the procedure allows us to determine whether there was a replacement of hair follicles tiny new follicles.

To slow down the loss in this case, you can use Minoxidil, if you apply the drug on the scalp regularly twice a day. Minoxidil is suitable for both men and women, but for women to avoid side effects it is recommended that a less concentrated formula. Minoxidil is contraindicated in pregnant women. In hereditary baldness in men can be assigned to oral finasteride.

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