What kind of bangs in fashion: 3 main areas

какая челка в модеWhat kind of bangs in fashion? Every girl would like to add variety to your usual way to freshen up your hairstyle or to radically change the image. It is no secret that one only bangs can transform the image so that you will not need a new haircut with correction of the total length, and if you add the hair the correct color or touch shade one side, you change your way and effectively, and completely painless. Fashion is always different bangs, change mainly small details that and refresh the hair, allowing it to speak about the bangs as new.


Short bangs

Short bangs are suitable not for everyone, for example, if you are overweight it is better to beware of similar style. However, such bangs carries a recognizable French charm and allows you to feel like a real Parisian classic cinema.

Very short straight smooth bangs perfectly blends with dark and light hair, which is dyed in a single color, but have a depth due to transitions within one or two tones. Should not such bold bangs combined with highlighting or colouring, especially not suitable similar style to brondirovaniya and Ombre with dark roots, which absorb the bangs. The emphasis on super-short bangs should be made thanks to a beautiful single tone, which should not be flat, giving vitality to the image.

The main advantage of the very short straight bangs is to underline the eyes. It fits like short haircuts, classic Bob cart, and long hair, straight and layered. You should not make direct very short bangs, if you have a long face or high sloping expressive forehead, because it will only accentuate these features.


Disheveled bangs up eyebrows

Another style with a French accent. If the previous image bangs often inside canonical Parisian chic, this bangs can safely be called the quintessential style of modern French, which rejects any severity in style, preferring the freedom and relaxation.

Disheveled bangs up eyebrows perfectly suitable for women with unruly hair or slightly curly, difficult to tame than-or in addition to the smoothing means and Ironing. This bangs is suitable hair either straight or with a slight natural wave length from the shoulders and below before very long.

But even such a careless style bangs needs attention, because it is not always slackness and negligence is equal to untidiness. After washing hair, dry the bangs Hairdryer, refusing brushing. Apply a styling tool pre is also not necessary, dry, fingering the hair with your fingers. After the hair dries, you can with your fingers to give it the right direction and from a distance of 20-25 cm sprinkle a light varnish without effect bonding.


Long smooth bangs

If you have long hair, deprived of natural waves, and your style is rather close to the soft feminine than daring youth, your choice – long bangs. It should be long enough so that when necessary it can be easily removed by the ears, imitating the absence of bangs as such, and at the same time thick enough.

In the fashion shows 2014-2015 this trend is clearly visible: the stylists often make models hairstyles with such bangs, which on the one hand, there is, on the other hand, they are easy to remove. This bangs is definitely good in a classic feminine hairstyle with large curls, it is easy to include youth in the image with a smooth slicked back ponytail. Due to the long thick bangs, you can change the images, making direct or oblique parting or fully sucesive hair back.

Very popular long thick bangs to create a pronounced asymmetrical hair style, when bangs are not just weak, it is almost thrown from one side of the face to the other, forming above the forehead, smooth arc. This style is not for everyone, but it is easy to apply for girls with setrealname persons whose forehead is wider than the chin area.

To this bangs look more beautiful, you need to take care of its natural radiance. When laying pull the strand by brushing, and in the end can walk on her hands, which pounded the drop of serum for Shine.

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