Wedding hairstyles with bangs: the charm of youth

свадебные прически с челкойAt the wedding many girls trying to grow hair, to be able to create beautiful voluminous hair, decorated with flowers, shiny ornaments and other decorative elements. There are those who are trying to grow and bangs, considering it was immature-decoration teenage hairstyles, therefore, not appropriate for such a solemn occasion. However, if you look cursory glance at the photos of brides, you may find that the wedding hairstyles with bangs are no losers other. Any hair length and style styling of the bride you can make beautiful with short and long bangs. Importantly, all components of the image were in harmonious combination with each other.


Work on the bugs

As a modern bride who is seeking to look at your wedding not only beautiful, but also fashionable, give up some variations of hairstyles with bangs that look rather comical. These include common hairstyle in which small hard curls, sprayed with varnish for a secure fit, combined with a smooth straight thick or sparse bangs to eyebrows.

This image looks provincial, and bangs, and the rest of the hair here in dissonance with each other, the great difference between them, and the styling is simply outdated. Bangs to any hairstyle should be part of a single image, not a forced part hairstyles.


Braid around the head

Braid around the head for wedding slurred as the spikelet, often referred to as slash-crown or done a simple braid or two, which are then wrapped around the head or pounce from above the rim is the essence of the Slavic style. Both braids are perfectly combined with bangs, including in wedding hair. If you have a round, pear-shaped or square face, bangs to this hairstyle is required.

If you wear straight bangs to eyebrows, you can leave it straight, and the wizard should take care of fixing it, but without weighting. But it would be better transforming bangs for the wedding, a little pushing it sideways or making larger and more rare, that goes well with the hairstyle with voluminous relaxed or free oblique.

If you wear long bangs, wedding spit around the head it is recommended to stack it, dividing on both sides of the face, of course, observing the asymmetry. If you want to cover sloping forehead or to balance the upper and lower part of the face, do a wedding voluminous braid, give volume to the bangs, fixing her flowing across the forehead along the eyebrows. This feminine style styling attracts attention to the eyes.


Greek style with oblique bangs

Greek style means easy carelessness, the obligatory long hair and curls from curls to the curls on the ends. This style of paving, which often requires to pick up half the volume of hair, add volume at the crown fleece and leave free the lower part of the hair, goes well with both straight short and long slanting Bang, but with the latter it looks more harmonious.

If you choose hairstyle in the Greek style, the type of “Malvina” or curly side pony tail, you are perfect long bangs that you want to put a beautiful smooth wave.


Beams and shells

Smooth or sloppy hairstyles with fully matched hair fixed volume elements at the bottom of the neck or at the crown, also look great with bangs in different styles. Always consider the style of dress, hairstyle to choose how to style bangs. Of course, if you choose the neat smooth shell or low bun, adorned with flowers and veil pinned, bangs need to be too smooth. The easiest option – thick oblique smooth shiny bangs, going from one to the other temple.

For those who prefer free style on the basis of curly hair high or negligence hairstyles with voluminous braids or plaits tied up in a low bun, you can do the bangs that fits into it. Curled in curl allocated from the forehead and locked on the side, rare, carefully shaped bangs that partially covers the forehead – always a good choice without restrictions on external features.


A retro style with sleek bangs

50s and 60s are very popular and bangs those eras, too, were peculiar. If you like retro images, choose your. 50’s wedding hairstyles is very high volumetric beam in combination with thick straight bangs to eyebrows. With bangs you will not need to do anything, it ideally complements the hair.

The style of the ‘ 60s is “Babette” whipped at the crown and bangs, which comes to her – long, oblique, asymmetric, definitely smooth and thick. Between the Bang and immediately combed the area you can put a white ribbon or wrap with lace decor that perfectly complements and enhances the beauty of retro styling.

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