Wedding hairstyles for medium hair: a wide selection of festive styling

свадебные прически на средние волосыMedium length hair is convenient for everyday wear, do not require such care how long, but do not restrict the choice of hairstyles, when you need to make the hair on the yield and on the solemn occasion, e.g. a wedding. Wedding hairstyles for medium hair allow you to create all of the styles that can be done on long hair. If length is not enough, there is always the opportunity to make use of hairpieces, false strands or bundles ready. Of course, there is a fashion for wedding styling trends which is good to be interested, if you are going to marry. Always pick a hairstyle for the wedding in accordance with your outfit, then only the image will look like finished and you’ll be happy to review pictures of the party.


Curls with a Hoop

It’s simple, feminine, summer-like, with a touch of retro romance and beach style. Only need to curl all the hair in vertical curls, if you have bangs is to cheat too, or leave it straight and put to one side, well seated. As the main accessory you will need either a thin metal Hoop, decorated on all wedding canons, or coronet, which can easily create an image of the bride-Princess.

Curls on medium length hair are kept much longer than long, look more evenly, so you have a chance all day and evening to spend in the form of a romantic Princess.


Fashionable waterfall

“Waterfall” is one of the most fashionable hairstyles, which replaced circular spit-crown. If KOs-crown many seem archaic fashion, the waterfall – fresh flavor in a lot of modern hairstyles for young people. “Waterfall” is a flowing hair, where a semi-circle like a wreath “crawling” French braid. From classic braids-crown this different styling curls falling down, which is not captured within the braids, and are separated by beautiful rivulets of curls.

The undeniable advantage of hairstyles waterfall is that you have the option to not hide the beauty of their hair, and if you’ve always wanted to go down the aisle with a drop-down hairstyle with romantic curls, this styling for medium hair for you.


Big retro waves

This incredible hairstyle is created for medium hair, and for such an incredibly special occasions, like a wedding. Big retro waves in the style of the forties and fifties fit to accentuate the natural beauty of hair, so do it only if you are confident in it and your hair is by nature dense and healthy.

The main emphasis on the smoothness of ringlets that curled using a Curling iron large diameter. Before Curling your hair to moisten and heat styling tool, and as a final touch, a hairstyle can spray it with spray to make it Shine. This styling will be a real boon for brides who aspire to femininity without deliberate decoration, because retro style with smooth curls requires no pins, no jewelry.


Complex bundles of braids and plaits

Medium length hair perfectly fit into voluminous updo and low beams are recorded and randomly spit. If you want to abandon the clean lines, simplicity of the styling for the wedding and want to Shine a complicated hairstyle, ask your master to create a beautiful braided hairstyle consisting of flagella, braids, wrapped in a low beam or a beam at the back of his head. However, by itself, the beam is not required, the hair strands which are braided in multiple flagella and braids, can original way to lock the pins, carefully placing them on the occipital region of the head.

These hairstyles are very loved by young brides who want their wedding to be different nontrivial hairstyle that’s quick and easy to weave ribbon, lace pins, artificial flowers. This hairstyle is great elongated side-swept bangs, which don’t necessarily need to pick up and fix. She may well be free, complementing the fresh image of a young bride, which is alien to the strict style.


Variations “Malvina”

Hairstyle, always is well known as “Malvina” (fitted front hair, pinned up on the back of the head or at the crown) for a wedding is not only for long hair, showing a recognizable and very feminine Greek style with curls. Different versions of “Malvina” can be adapted for medium length hair bridesmaid, not feeling the lack of length, which in Greek becomes almost mandatory attribute.

The most important thing in this hairstyle is the possibility of pinning her hair up on top, and then subdue them, to make the image more convenient, but on the other hand, you can do curls, tight or soft curls, completely to lick the area of the crown or leave the bangs, straight or asymmetrical. These hairstyles combine classic images of brides with beautiful hair flowing over her shoulders, and the necessity for long or short veil, and modern twist wedding hairstyle with deep side parting, sharp ragged asymmetrical bangs.

If you like the hairstyle on the basis of “Malvina”, you can choose from the most recent styling: the style of the sixties top with whipped Greek style with curls and braids along the contour of the face, French braids crowns, with pigtail-barrette at the nape – and all this with keeping flowing hair.

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