Types of handbags


Types of handbags

It’s no secret that women’s handbag has become one of the essential attributes of women’s fashion. About her write poetry, invent sea jokes, one can find anything – from a comb and lipstick to the fans and the incredible sets of cosmetics. No man in the world who will say that he is not faced with the “digging” of their women in the bag, looking for something, in the end, all the contents fell out out, plunging him into shock, “Oh God, that there just is not.”

On the pedestal of the importance of women’s wardrobe bag on the right is the first place. There are few women who can do only one bag, while fashionistas were not even 10.

First bag hit the market around 1631, and very quickly won Europe. They were worn in different ways – and in the crook of the elbow and the shoulder, waist, and just in his hand. Materials for their manufacture is also very diverse – leather, leather-closed, cloth, even polyethylene and tapestry. Nowadays, handbags are not less diverse, even more than I say – a great many variations, and list all materials and uses just unreal, not missing anything. Therefore, the selection of handbags, women are treated very carefully, taking into account not only shoes, but also clothes, the occasion and the planned location of use.

Below I will try to classify the kinds of bags according to the method of application, size and method of wearing.

Evening bag. Mandatory attribute of women. Evening handbags are usually small (there should fit most essential accessory – a little makeup to correct makeup, tissues, phone, mirror). Usually, they are needed for visits, trips to the restaurant, theater, or just to visit. Here it is the designers spree to fame – a variety of materials, shapes and accessories in the end will satisfy even the most capricious lady. The most commonly used models – clutch, theater and handbag.

Business bag. If evening bag used from time to time, it is a business case – always used accessory. This is a bag that is used daily for work, business trips and meetings. Usually they have the correct form, medium, or large. In such bags should be filled with all that can be useful during the day (special departments for storage of papers are welcome). The most important criterion for selecting business bags – is convenience. Also, they are characterized by a minimum of accessories, and a lack of catchy and flashy elements. The most commonly used model – briefcases, handbags, briefcases, and diplomats.

Travel bag. In such bags main characteristic is the size, but it is the large size. It is important to strike a balance between being in the bag fits everything you need on the road, and at the same time it remains a stylish accessory in a woman’s image. Restrictions on style and design not – most importantly, to fit to your wardrobe. Less desirable accessories – it can disturb you, clinging to clothes and not be comfortable to wear a bag on his shoulder. Commonly used models – bag, suitcase, trunk, bag, bag with wheels (currently the most comfortable, as equipped with wheels and retractable handle.)

Youth bag. Versatile accessory, which conveniently everywhere – at the disco, while shopping in malls. Design – all except business. Accessories – not limited by anything other than designer’s imagination and preference mistress. Size from small to medium. The most commonly used models: Hobo, Backpack, backpack, sports bag, pouch.

Ideally – have in the arsenal of each bag (and not just one). But this is based on your personal desires and preferences.

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