Trendy haircuts for long hair: choice 2013 – 2014 diverse

модные стрижки длинные волосыTrendy haircuts for long hair 2013-2014 quite diverse in form hairstyles and technique of execution: current trends are hairstyles in the style of «Kaskad», curls waving, asymmetry and «steps», a variety of creative styling with fringe of different lengths. The same popular fashion haircuts on the straight and curly hair.


Cascading grooming: trend 2013-2014 years

модные стрижки длинные волосы«Cascading», layered haircuts have different volume and effectiveness: actual as smooth, curvy and smooth hair and a pronounced asymmetry. Based on the length and texture of hair, any woman can choose her own version of the «cascade». Smoothly flowing hair in such haircuts attract the attention of others.

Layered hairstyle curly hair gives lightness, and thin – splendor and volume. Cascading hairstyles for ladies with long hair look very stylish. If the hair is fresh and healthy – it will give haircut «cascade» special completeness and luxurious silhouette. This hairstyle in any laying be full of lightness and agility.

Many fashion catwalks of models wearing the «cascade».

Tiling cascades are diverse: valid and perfectly smooth strands, and lush, seductive and on the curls, and a slight carelessness. The intensity of the cascade calibration depends on the type and length of hair, and the scope and imagination stylist.

Jennifer aniston often prefers a haircut.

If we add to «cascade» interesting colors and coloring, you can give the hair volume and a special fashion.


Stepped and asymmetrical haircuts

модные стрижки длинные волосыAsymmetrical haircuts allow to demonstrate to others the confidence and bright character. These hairstyles are several tiers hair with transitions, each tier can differ from the previous one. Often you can find on fashion runways combination of bean or the caret in the upper tier, which in the lower tiers continue long locks. Such haircuts can be found on European models.

Relevant transitions between the stages as smooth and sharp, with clear геометричными contours. You can also paint the tiers in different colors: contrasts and a game of shades give the image of style and originality.


Haircuts with straight bangs

модные стрижки длинные волосыBangs still not out of fashion, and with long hair is an interesting accent. Owner of the bangs can improvise, changing its length and shape.

Trimmed above eyebrow bangs visually «opens» a person adds naivety view. Using appropriate makeup, with such length bangs easily add the image spicy charm in the spirit of retro. Universal fringe to the level of the brows suitable for any type of person. Bangs below the level of the brows attracts attention to your eyes and help to create the fatal image temptress with a warm heart.

Long bangs allows you to lay it in various ways, changing style as often as you wish.

Form bangs in 2013-2014 season of the year – direct or creatively trimmed. Long slanting Bang elegantly decorates haircut, adds audacity, romanticism and extravagance. It is suitable to all without exception.

Danielle Panabaker wears bangs both direct and careless and нефилированной.

Textured bangs with variations of the thickness and the length is used in conjunction with waves or hairstyles with graduation. An interesting contrast smooth bangs with curls or waves.


Long torn haircuts

модные стрижки длинные волосыTorn grooming help to add to the image of individuality. Hair in such hairstyles facilitated by the circumcision of the ends of the hair. If the thin hair, this option is not suitable, then to owners of thick hair looks great. Combining such a line haircuts with колорированием tips, you can achieve an astonishing effect.

Unusual look thin colored strands against the dense hair. On the background of the basic color is perfectly highlighted the torn ends, who painted in the red, red or grey tones.

Jennifer aniston understands the benefits of this type of haircuts: long hair Actresses look good in any hairstyle, but it was long torn grooming her especially to face.

The ragged cut is another star, Nicky Hilton.


Smoothness is one of the trends

модные стрижки длинные волосыSmooth hair more popular than ever: confirmation of this – the fashion shows of designers Rodarte, Versus, Michael Kors, Gucci, Tibi, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang, and Prada.

Totally smooth flowing hair demonstrates to the world Gwyneth Paltrow.


Luxurious soft curls

модные стрижки длинные волосыThe trend of this and the coming years – the romance and nostalgia for femininity. Fashion waves and curls easy to create with the help of pliers, a hair-dryer and брашингов of various diameters. Shapers and curlers are the most sparing method of obtaining waves and curls.

Such luxury locks you can see Beyonce – celebrity puts hair термобигудями and achieves an astonishing effect.

Bulk hair this year and is Shenae Grimes.



модные стрижки длинные волосыAny length and volume of the spit, which is freely braided or распушены with slight negligence option which looks a winner as everyday hairstyles. This «negligence» forgiven even with the release or at the ceremony.

Scythe can braid in the traditional manner, and all sorts of spikelets, actively using the right hair styling products and fixing.

Tight woven braid recommended for owners of dense and thick, heavy hair with natural Shine. Ladies with a thin and rather thin hair braids necessary to Supplement the maximum volumetric and lush options weaving – it gives hair additional volume.

The advantage of long hair, plaited in a spit, is that this hairstyle easily last all day without any correction.

Spit can be used to achieve the effect of the volume, braiding at night and fixing tool for styling the morning, your hair gets interesting гофрированность. So sometimes makes the model Tyra Banks.



модные стрижки длинные волосыTrend complicated multicolored coloring: people with long hair paint them or ends in two basic colors and several additional shades. This allows you to emphasize the multi-layered structure of grooming and favourably distinguishes hairstyle. This technique successfully uses Kim Kardashian.

Grooming 2013-2014 years for long hair allow to create individuality and give the female form, the special style and a unique charm. To hairstyle from long hair was very enjoyable and complementary appearance, its creation should be managed by professional stylists and hairdressers.


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