Trendy haircuts 2013: the rebirth

модные стрижки 2013Beautiful stylish haircut specifies the image, it complements it and tone to it. Without proper shape and styling hard to impress, which is in the image created by the exclusively clothes. For this reason, every year, stylists are revising our view of the kind of hairstyle long, short or hair of medium length. You can select from the mass of the proposed options, adapting hairstyle my style or adjusting it according to your individual pattern, shape and facial features and body shape. Trendy haircuts 2013 will allow you to look elegant, boldly or very elegant and feminine.

Short haircuts

Of course, if you choose short haircut your hair can be any color. But in 2013 stylists insist on a platinum блонде, which in combination with short hair looks very stylish, остромодно. Such haircuts suitable for women of different age, and thanks to a variety of configurations scope of such haircuts and styling, they easily applied to different forms of person.

The classic short haircut

Classical haircuts imply long hair on the nape of the zone, often the bangs and the total volume in the upper part of the head. Pixie, once using the highly respected by hairdressers and world stars, gradually receding into the past. In other words, long live the scope and splendor, widely manifested in the trendy short haircuts 2013.

Bangs in such haircuts may be a little twisted, and laid on one side, can be direct, sloping down to the eyebrows, or oblique and disheveled. The lower zone of the hair in the most fashionable haircuts short, but sometimes, as, for example, Fabio Salsa, haircut can combine the features of a classic caret with smooth straight edge at a level just below the ear.

Punk style

Sloppy punk style for short hair – the young and rebellious, who seek to using hair emphasize their insolence and non-conformism. As shown by stylists, it is not necessary to shave whiskey and raise hard Mohawk on top. To fit in with this image, it is enough to make a fashionable haircut saved «tattered» displacement in the forehead and crown of the head. Bangs in such packing can be uniformly platinum, with fine honey strands on bleached hair or even interspersed with foreign red, blue or green (for the most daring).

Brunette too easily able to adapt itself to the image, for example, raising the bangs in the style of Elvis or lowering the ragged slash strand on the face.

Medium length hair

The hair of medium length, which descends not below shoulder level, reigns conservatism and retro, returning from a recent «zero» and more distant epochs.

Stylists Jean-Claude Biguine return fashionable acute caret with elongated side locks and shortened rear area. This haircut is proposed for dark hair that thanks to her, the receive volume and style, while its radiance.

Another interpretation of grooming caret 2013 is the hair-ball, which includes a direct or oblique bangs and strands, gently закругляющиеся to the contour of the face. This haircut in its original version glorified Mireille Mathieu, but in the new version, it is not so radical and more modern. This haircut offered stylists as in the smooth form and with ragged edges, giving it momentum.

Easy four of a kind, in which the hair is cut by one line – trend 2013. This hairdo is becoming an excellent basis for a variety of hairstyles, as smooth and elegant and girls, with vertical tousled curls and violent disobedience.

The most unexpected in 2013 can be considered a return of grooming, relevant in the eighties for both women and men. In her ragged magnificent crown combined with less surround the bottom.

Long hair

Long hair down below her shoulders beware: leave them a smooth edge or to a texture. In 2013, the second option seems stylists more optimal, because it is formed scissors long-haired ability to serve as a basis for many of hairstyles.

Haircut «cascade» is still out of the competition, it becomes acute, asymmetric and is suitable for any hair colour, as for a single flat blond, and for stacks with a lot of the order, melting in several tones. Cascade stylist not recommend to combine short and direct, namely with a long plait bangs, which can be subsequently put asymmetrically, creating a modern actual image.

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