Torn oblique bangs: hairstyles taming of the shrew

косая рваная челкаTorn oblique bangs perfectly complements as short haircuts and hairstyles with long hair. To do this kind bangs should a professional, so with time it grow evenly and not flogged. Such bangs need to regularly maintain regular trimming and care for her no less than the rest of the hair, if you don’t want it to not look stylish-torn, and split tail, which are drawn and scissors. To understand whether you ragged bangs, and which you can decorate, look at the examples of celebrities who enjoy wearing a ragged fringe.


Kimberly Caldwell – ragged bangs-and-Bob square

рваная челка и каре-боб Кимберли КолдвеллPlatinum blond promotes fashion experiments with hairstyles, especially with ragged cuts, with carefully machined ends and milled bangs. Kimberly Caldwell chose Bob haircut-caret with uneven, sharp tips over the head, and torn oblique bangs perfectly fit created by her stylist. This haircut and bangs are harmoniously blended with each other and are ideal for creating volume to thin hair and face with small features.

So beautifully put that hair, wet the hair should be treated with mousse and blow dry with hair dryer, pulling the strands with your fingers. At the end of the strands in the bangs can be treated with paste for firm fixation to the styling spray lacquer.


Ashlee Simpson – long jagged bangs for long hair

длинная рваная челка на длинные волосы Эшли СимпсонIf you wear long straight hair, long torn oblique bangs may be for you, especially your hair does not vary in scope, but sufficiently dense and healthy to show them in their original form, without the wrap and sophisticated styling.

Ashlee Simpson shows an example worthy of imitation girls with oval or narrow faces, straight hair who want to try on a non-trivial way with the original, but not an elaborate hairdo. The entire mass of hair is carefully processed by steps, and the bangs make long, reaching to about the level of the cheekbones, slightly torn, and divided into two unequal parts on both sides of the face.

This haircut with a torn oblique bangs looks great on dark hair or in the hair as in the example of Ashley bright, even unnatural hue. To haircut and bangs so it looked natural treatment, hair should apply a spray or serum for Shine.


Haley Bennett – short torn oblique bangs

короткая косая рваная челка Хейли БеннеттBangs Haley Bennett for young girls who are delighted with the Parisian chic of dress and beauty, because it is so short bangs is its embodiment. Short torn oblique bangs Hayley really thick, and perfect for thick hair that is not afraid to thin out a bit by tapering or graduations, so they do not lose shape and not thinned.

Short oblique thick ragged bangs, which almost completely opens the forehead, fit girls with a harmonious oval shape of the face that needs no correction, but also with the hair, tend not to dry. Because of the short length, you do not need to spend much time styling your bangs like this – it is enough to wash, dry my hair, without any styling products, but directing fingers sideways during drying.


Victoria Beckham is a complex jagged bangs

сложная рваная челка Виктории БэкхемLong torn oblique bangs Victoria Beckham is an integral part of her short haircuts. This haircut requires proper installation, otherwise it will not look. Essence hairstyles in the mix of short and long strands in the bangs they are uneven, there are both short and elongated strands, creating the effect of interesting layering.

To put this Bang is not as difficult as it seems, you need to pull the dryer away from the face, moving brushing tightening up inside movements. So the strands were visually separated, the tips highlight wax, haircut and spray from a distance varnish light hold.


Rihanna – torn oblique bangs on the eyes

рваная косая челка на глаза РианныBangs – the longest part in the Rihanna haircut, and haircuts are incredibly popular. The base may be a conventional model female short haircut or full of riot punk rebellion haircut with shaved temples. Bangs is long, starts from top and goes down to her forehead, then released on the eyes. Ragged texture and asymmetry’t close my eyes completely, and the focus of the haircut is made of strands of different length bangs.

To support such a Bang is easy if you already have a good base, made by highly skilled craftsman. You need only to release the bangs on the forehead and split it with your fingers, then lightly processing the paste to save hard texture tips or sprinkling varnish of strong fixing to the strands of different lengths to be kept together and not broken up.

Haircut with bangs like this, where she is a “star”, perfect for youth parties.

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