Tools for styling: tips and tricks for using

инструменты для укладки волосWhen you look at a huge number of tools for hair styling offered by the market, very easy to get confused. What do you need? Whether this particular tool for your hair? What are its functions? There are many tools that help you create curls, waves, straighten the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny. How do all of these things Orient?

Combs, combs and brushes

Many people still do not understand the basic principles of work of combs and brushes of different types.

Combs with a few teeth are designed for untangling and priglazhivanija подсушенных hair with a towel. For best results, use anti-frizz spray or leave-in conditioner to combing подсушенных hair.

Combs with frequent teeth are used to give a smooth hair and installation, short or direct haircuts.

инструменты для укладки волосWith regard to the brushes, the basis of their actions are similar principles. Brushes can have openings for ventilation while blow-drying. These brushes are created specifically for the blow to fix the position of hair during drying.

Round brush or брашинги have bristles or around the base of the teeth, they are created for blow-drying to create hairstyles with gentle waves.

Flat brushes have rows of teeth on the same flat surface, while drying Hairdryer they make hair straight and sleek. Brush or брашинги may have stubble, natural or synthetic, which smoothes the hair, giving them Shine. In addition, these brushes can distribute natural greasy film on the entire length of the hair. If they natural bristle, they provide massage effect and help to maintain the hair and scalp healthy.

инструменты для укладки волосA standard set of tools for hair styling


Manual Hairdryer became the main instrument for hair styling, as it allows to quickly dry your hair with hot air. Good Feng equipped with a nozzle with a narrow neck for the concentration of air as well as a cone, which makes the air flow is less intense and allows dry curly hair, straightening them.


  • When using a hair dryer always use a good protective air conditioning, which is applied prior to installation.
  • Direct the air flow along the hair shaft – so you minimize the risk stratification cuticle, and hair will be more smooth.
  • Keep Hairdryer minimum distance of 15 cm from the hair. Most cases of damage to the hair drying is due to the fact that hair is very long held under the stream of hot air.

инструменты для укладки волосHot curlers

Such curlers combine the action of heat and moisture, allowing you to change the form of curls. Hot curlers must be used on dry hair, wrap around them and «remember» this shape until it cools. Hot curlers can be left on his head, and time until they cool down, to spend on makeup and other cases. The cooled rollers removed, and hair stack on request.


  • Make sure that the hair in curlers накручены smooth and tight, then you get a smooth and beautiful curls.
  • Spray paint hair, rolled around in curlers laying will survive longer.

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