Toning hair after highlights – changing color palette

тонирование волос после мелированияOften to change the image of women resort to changing the hair color, but not everyone is ready for radical change. Highlights by painting individual strands allows hair to any color in the literal and figurative senses to play with new colors. To update the colors used for toning the hair after highlights.

Depending on the technique highlights are able to visually increase the volume of hair to emphasize eye color or shade skin tone, with highlights looks equally good as on straight and curly hair. Highlights in chocolate, caramel, and light colours are constantly in trend, therefore, selecting one or more suitable shades, you will definitely look fashionable and stylish.


Choose your colors

тонирование волос после мелированияFor optimum effect, first of all, you should decide what colors more suitable for you, cold or warm. You can find it with a simple test. Find small pieces of paper or cloth of gold and silver. In natural light lift the pieces up close to my face. If your skin looks bright and fresh in Golden light, then you should choose warm shades, if you see that you to face the silver – you will approach a cold tone.

Highlights can not be called cheap service, especially if you have long hair, and you come in beauty luxury. But if you happen to find “their” masters, the result will justify the money spent. However, as with any staining with the use of chemical materials, highlighting can cause dryness and hair breakage. Do not neglect the advice of the wizard to care for hair after highlights, if you have not received recommendations, do not hesitate to seek advice from a qualified hairdresser. Quality highlights can be compared to a kind of attachment values, and, as you know, the fact that a valuable and expensive, requires a special attention and care.



тонирование волос после мелированияTo maintain the health of hair and fresh colors every 30 days is recommended that the process of deep conditioning, it can be done in the salon or at home. Apply the conditioner on the ends of damp hair, then moving upwards to reach the roots. Do not spare the air conditioner, it must be residual for nourishment. A good card rare hair comb and put on a plastic cap. After 30 minutes, rinse off the conditioner with warm water.

  • Do not skimp on the means for hair care. Pay attention to the professional hair care products. Pick up tool, specially designed for color-treated or melirovanie hair. It is also useful to have air conditioning deep impact and leave-in conditioner to use after every wash hair.
  • Do not overuse styling products. If you often use mousses, foams and varnish, periodically make their hair “spring cleaning” once a week wash your hair with a special shampoo that removes accumulated remains on the hair styling.
  • If you dry the hair, use a diffuser, it is uniformly disperses the hot air, rather than concentrating it at one point. Before blow drying, apply on hair leave-in conditioner.
  • Don’t forget to touch up the roots every six to eight weeks and to “refresh” the strands of hair framing the face.


When you want the hair tinting

тонирование волос после мелированияUnfortunately, highlighting the bright strands after a while lose colour, acquiring not very attractive yellowish tint. In such situations comes to the aid of toning.

Toning shampoo with violet pigments is one of the most popular methods of replacing lost tone. The fact that purple is the color wheel is opposite to yellow, and he perfectly neutralizes yellow-brass shade. For optimal results it is very important to find “your” purple shampoo, fortunately now many brands produce toning products for hair and you can choose a suitable option. Experts say that high-quality tinting shampoos have a fairly high concentration of pigment and this frightens many. Actually, no self-respecting brand will not release the tool, which can damage hair. Good toning shampoo should be quite dark and opaque.

To start using toning shampoo should be dosed through one or two shampooing. If the yellow tint is not going away, use it every time when you wash your head. If the hair has become gray color, and you don’t like it, use it less frequently. It all depends on the hair structure and intensity of yellow color, some with just one application a week, others use it much more often. Don’t forget that the hair at the ends is more porous, they better absorb the pigment, so the main attention should be paid to the strands along the length and at the roots.

тонирование волос после мелированияWith a strong yellow, it is recommended to rinse the shampoo in five minutes, with a light yellowish tint minute enough “exposure”.

Colouring shampoo can be used in combination with medical or special shampoo, first wash the hair with shampoo, you usually use, then apply tinting. As a rule, toning shampoos do not have the deep cleansing properties, so if you want to free your hair of residue from styling products and other contaminants, use the technique of “double-wash”. Initially cleaned hair, then toneroom.

In the lines of toning shampoos can be found, and tinted air conditioning, but a special need for it. Using toning conditioner can give your hair too noticeable gray color, a conventional air conditioner after toning shampoo is enough.

If you overdid with the dosage, do not worry, wash your hair with your normal shampoo and thoroughly rinse the hair, washing away the excess pigment.


Tinting rinse your hands

тонирование волос после мелированияSemi-permanent hair rinse can be prepared at home from simple and affordable ingredients.

You will need two and a half Cup of vinegar and 1/8 teaspoon food coloring purple color, it can also be replaced by a combination of blue and red pigments, and the share of blue should be more. If you want to return the brightness of the color red hair, use a red pigment.

The amount of pigment is calculated based on the condition of the hair, for dry, porous hair will need less pigment, for dense and thick. After applying shampoo and conditioner, apply on hair cooked rinse, try to distribute the mixture on the hair evenly. Rinse off with water. While hair is still wet, you can feel the smell of vinegaronce hair is completely dry, the smell will disappear.

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