Tonics for hair coloring – the change of image due to the color

тоники для окрашивания волосGirls are the most mysterious creatures in the world. They are constantly fluctuating to shorten or to extend your hair, leaving natural hair color or repaint them in a fashionable color. Their confusion can be understood, because ordinary paint lasts on the hair for quite a long time and its flushing with the help of special funds has a negative impact on hair. This dilemma became a serious problem, if not tonics for hair coloring.

Unlike ordinary dyes colors hair tonic at the time and completely washed off, but this means you need to be able to use it. This cosmetic for hair is known as tonic, tone balm, hair colour shampoo, toning shampoo.

To choose toner for hair is very easy, as domestic and foreign manufacturers offer wide range of these products. Tint balm doesn’t damage hair, as he deeply penetrates and coats the hair sheath.

Toner is easily washed off if you don’t like the new hair color. Colouring conditioner serves not only as a coloring agent, it also detangles hair and eliminates static electricity.


Disadvantages tonics

тоники для смены цвета волосYou can often change hair color depending on mood and even appearance.

And yet, if you want to use this tool, do not forget about its negative characteristics. To lighten hair with tonic is much more difficult than to make them darker. Tonic can leave dirty spots on the clothes, hats, pillowcases. Sometimes toner is not washed off completely and kept on the hair as long as you do not use permanent paint or other coloring agent. Moreover, toner does not cover gray, permanent color only.

The choice of tonic for the hair depends on the style, taste and purpose. For example, for themed parties you can paint hair in unusual colours, pink, blue or green. Or you can use tonic water to make small changes. This method recently used by blondes, they get rid of the unwanted yellow.

To give the hair a lighter shade with the help of tonic is impossible without pre-processing the hair by peroxide, especially if you have dark brown or brown hair.


How to dye your hair tonic

как окрасить волосы тоникомIf you want to use the tonic, you will need a toner, a two-liter bowl, thin rubber gloves, a comb and an old towel. Wear gloves, the contents are tonic pour into a bowl. Add the recommended amount of water.

To check the result on a small section of hair at the back that it is not necessary. Just this will help you avoid frustration if the color or the color intensity will not match the desired result. Then apply a toner all over hair, from roots to ends.

It is recommended to keep the toner on the hair for 20-30 minutes, but experience shows that it is better to extend the time to 45-50 minutes, then the result will be better. Rinse hair well with water, then shampoo. Otherwise the hair will dye anything to touch even after drying.

тоники для оттенка волосDry your hair after dyeing tonic can in any way, either a hair dryer or naturally. Try the first time is not easy to wear headgear and wear the clothes over his head very carefully so as not to stain.

The color of the hair after colouring tonic is clearly seen only after definitive drying of the hair. If you don’t like the result, you can wash with shampoo and tonic to go back to natural hair color.


How to wash the tonic

окрашивающие тоники для волосTo completely rinse shampoo tonic is not enough. In this case we recommend to use the mask for hair of oils of vegetable origin. Mix ½ Cup of burdock oil or olive oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice, apply the mixture all over your hair. Wear a plastic bag and wrap head with a towel for 30-60 minutes. This mask is based on the nutritional components not only removes artificial pigment, but also nourishes the hair.

If toner is not washed off after the first use of the mask, repeat the procedure in two days. You can also use plain kefir (or yogurt) at room temperature. So if the yogurt was in your refrigerator, you pre-heat for several hours. Apply the yogurt to hair for one hour, and then rinse with warm water.

Currently there are a number of special means for washing the coloring pigment. Basically, these funds are used in beauty salons. Theoretically wash off toner can be using daily shampooing. However, frequent shampooing leads to intensive work of the sebaceous glands and excessive production of fat, that’s why the hair quickly becomes dirty.

Never try to wash off tint balm alcohol or using alcohol-based. They will make your hair dry and brittle, and can cause chemical burns to the scalp.


Does tonic water negative effect on the hair?

оттеночные тоники для волосOn the one hand, toner does not contain ammonia and does not dry the hair as permanent color. On the other hand, tonics deprive the hair of natural moisture. Therefore, a toner must be used in moderation and with consideration of all recommendations.

And what about coloring hair during pregnancy? During this period, the structure of the hair undergoes large changes. The hair lacks nutrients. Most women color their hair permanently and no longer can do without it. During pregnancy recommend you use a paint without ammonia. Be prepared for the fact that the paint is washed off faster than usual, so it will be necessary constantly to repeat the procedure. You can also use tonics. They are easy to apply and does not contain ammonia and peroxide, but too quickly washed off.

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