To create volume for fine hair – so delicately to solve the problem

создать объем для тонких волосSome holders of weak hair react calmly to such a feature of their appearance, but a significant half of the female population considers this fact a real problem. Whatever hair nor was given to you by nature, change their thickness is impossible. But to create volume for fine hair, called as beauty recipes and folk.


Haircut for thin hair

The easiest way to give fine hair volume – choose and make the right haircut:

  • The optimal length is slightly below or above the shoulder.
  • Ideal would be a multi-layered options. It can be elongated or “shredded” quads. The larger the ladder, the bigger the hair, especially when hair cropped at the nape.
  • Any models in the style of Bob. The classic option is well suited for medium length hair (including curly), and layered Bob due to the ragged contours and tiered strands will make your hairstyle is not just voluminous, but elegant.
  • If long hair, part in the plans is not included, then “cascade” over the entire length will help to achieve the effect of density.
  • Stylists are unanimous in the opinion that short haircuts look visually more voluminous, to stack them much easier, and the hair holds its shape longer.


Styling with a voluminous result

Installation can be restricted to dryer, if drying hair, lowering head down. In this case the air flow should go from the roots of the strands to the tips. Use as a support tool laying round the comb, will allow to achieve volume and, moreover, to light the curls. All the hair is divided into individual strands, each of which alternately is wound through a comb, starting with ends and to the roots, then dried with a Hairdryer. After putting in the desired way, the result should be fixed with varnish.

To create a basal volume, there are many devices such as irons, Curling irons, special sprays. The most popular and classic way, not lost their relevance over the decades is a curler, which for fine hair is easier to choose a large diameter. Cheat should be so that the curler fits tight to the head, and the hair was on top of them. Cascading curls or lush curls always add volume.

Bouffant is one of the proven methods. Necesitada hair only at the roots, then stacked in the direction of the comb. Only owners of fine hair, you should remember that in their case is to exercise caution to reduce the risk of breaking the already fragile structure. Some women have adapted to perform this procedure using a toothbrush, considering it a more forgiving tool.

Many women who are blessed with thin hair, trying to hide the lack, sucesive them smooth and, as it seems, neat hairstyle. But the situation can be beat quite the opposite. Using deliberately stray strands of light careless waves or gum, slightly fixing the hair, to create a spectacular creative mess. Methods such stacking can peek at the star Barber Academy To Tran.

When thin hair is not recommended to do straight parted in the middle. For visual splendor to divide the hair from the side straight, zigzag, low parting or even abandon it.


The ambiance in the salon conditions

Another way to visually increase the volume of hair is dyeing a few close tone shades or “American highlights”. But this technique looks most effective on dark hair.

If the tresses bright, professionals recommend another method of highlighting – maimes by which the hairstyle seems thicker. This technique is gentle, which is important for thin hair. She performed with the use of cream paint, which is present in the wax, but no ammonia. Also increase the visual volume of thin hair coloring techniques such as Ombre, Balaj, Shatush.

The next opportunity to do hair – extensions, when your own locks are additionally attached artificial. This procedure is convenient because the result lasts for a long time with proper care.

Capacity as staining to perform better, using the services of professional stylists, who will offer one or the other method depending on the type of hair in each particular case. Only then will be guaranteed a lasting effect.


Little secrets to solve exciting problems

Even without resorting to fundamental changes in the way, but only by making changes to everyday hair care, you can achieve the effect of density and splendor:

  • Shampoos it is advisable to choose from the professional, having in its composition protein and keratin. Cosmetics labeled “volume” contain silicone that help to create volume.
  • The additional use of special sprays, gels, mousses will keep the amount a long time.
  • When shampooing, the shampoo is applied only at the roots, and already whipped foam is distributed over the entire length.
  • But the mask and the conditioner, on the contrary, aggravate the hair, therefore they are applied, avoiding basal areas.
  • Too frequent washing destroys the hair follicles weakens the hair and deprives them of the amount.
  • You should not use lots of styling products as they aggravate the hair, which prevents the giving volume.
  • Dry shampoo can be a salvation in the most unexpected situations. With his help lifted the hair root area or volume is created along the length, if you apply the shampoo along the length of the strands. In addition, it perfectly absorbs sebum, which is released during the day.

Thin, devoid of hair – a common phenomenon, but thanks to a little womanly wiles, modern technologies in the field of hairdressing, the latest cosmetics, this problem is losing its relevance.

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