The correct form of the bangs is the choice for your face shape

правильная форма челкиEvery woman has the right to fantastic fringe. Bangs can make you look younger, but what looks good on zoey Deschanel can be a big mistake for you. Jim Markham, stylist and founder of ColorProof Evolved Color Care, explains how the correct form of bangs for your face shape for optimal results.


If you have a square face…

челка для квадратной формой лицаWith a square face shape the goal of the bangs is to neutralize the effect of solid angles and soften facial features. Try bangs, which narrows the forehead (styles of bangs to the side is especially good for this).

Another option, which offers Markham, it’s a full fringe that falls just below your eyebrows in the center and gradually gets longer at the sides, while maintaining a sense of subtlety. This will soften the angles of the jaw. Finally, remember this rule: keep the bangs bright enough to allow a peek at your forehead. This will give your bangs a movement and help to maintain the softness.


If you have a heart-shaped face…

челка для сердцевидной формы лицаWhen your forehead is wider than your jaw line, the purpose of your bangs to neutralize the lower half of the face. Again, long bangs on the side – that’s fine. This haircut has a symmetric effect, as it distracted attention from the chin and attracts the eyes. Ask your stylist to add some layers framing the face, to create movement.


If you have a round face…

форма челки для круглого лицаGirls with a round face, as a rule, avoid bangs because they know that they will do a full face even fuller. But Markham says that it is not. He recommends long, more than a wedge to the side of the bangs to give the illusion of length.

Equally important, what styles will not come to you; when it comes to round faces, Markham advises to avoid thin styles (look at Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire).


If you have a triangular face…

форма челки для треугольного лицаWomen with wider, square jaw line and narrow forehead, you should try bangs, which becomes long, as it reaches the limits of the face. Markham says you have to make it a little thin and textured to help hide a narrow forehead.

The worst enemy of a girl with a triangular – heavy, straight bangs. It further emphasizes the chin.


If you have an oval face…

форма челки для овального лицаOf all the face shapes, the oval is the most versatile when it comes to bangs on the proportions of the face shapes. From the straight bangs to bangs on the sides and everything in between – you can get out of the situation with any experiments with bangs.


A style that suits every girl

Bangs heart shaped doesn’t look great, regardless of your face shape. This ultra flattering bangs starts a little further on the sides and delicately skirts the line of the eyebrows (but falls just below it), falling down, toward the nose.

Celebrities like Kerry Washington, Lea Michele, and Rashida Jones all wore this style of bangs, and they are absolute favorites Markham.

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