Tape hair extensions at home: a luxurious head of hair with your hands

ленточное наращивание волос в домашних условияхLong and thick hair at all times been the object of desire of many ladies. And capacity is perhaps the most popular method to acquire the hair of your dreams. Most often doing this procedure in the salons, in the belief that there can be achieved the best effect. And indeed it is. And yet tape hair extension in house conditions too it is possible, just need to spend time on mastering this technology.


Benefits and contraindications

ленточное наращивание волос домаVarieties of hair extensions there are so many. It and the English “hot” methods, and Korean “cold”, which implies capsule technology. But in recent years increasingly required tape capacity hair. In this case, just individual strands are bonded to the natural hair using special glue. This technology has several clear advantages over capsule capacity:

  • Does not require chemicals that have a negative effect on hair;
  • No need to apply high temperature;
  • The simplicity of execution;
  • The availability of belt strands for extension;
  • The speed of build – to glue the whole ribbon is much easier and faster than individual capsules. Therefore the technology is suitable for those who value their time.

This method also has contraindications. They need to be considered before beginning the procedures:

  • Seborrhea and any other dermatological disease in the head area.
  • Hair loss of any etiology;
  • Hormonal changes, any hormonal changes, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation;
  • Antibiotics;
  • The passage of chemotherapy.


Patience is necessary

алгоритм ленточного наращивания волос в домашних условияхThe possibility of tape capacity without visiting the salon is an important advantage of the method. To build at home will need a minimum set of tools. It is a regular (not too frequent) comb separator of the strands (will fit any flat stick with a blunt end) and, of course, choose to build strands of artificial or natural origin.

For the first experiments with the build-up will require patience and diligence, since the final result largely depends on the attitude and care of the contractor. Skill will come with experience, and in the future on this beauty procedure will leave much less time than the first time.

алгоритм ленточного наращивания волос домаThe algorithm of the tape capacity is quite simple. First you need to prepare the hair: wash the hair with shampoo, not using any masks, conditioners, balms and conditioners. If the hair is cut, it is necessary to cut the thinning ends.

After that, you must carefully raise and fix the upper strand. Then it is necessary to depart from the base of the lower strands and carefully glue tape-Scotch, and top – strands to build. Releasing hair layer by layer, this procedure can be repeated several times until the desired effect is reached.

The average building process can take from 30 minutes to two hours. It all depends on the thickness of your own hair, the desired effect and, of course, a sleight of hand. It is most convenient to make the necessary manipulations with the help of, for example, you can team up with a friend. So the result will be more tidy and natural.


Correction and care

процедура ленточного наращивания волос домаAs regrowth of natural hair hairstyle may look less natural. In this case, you just need to move the first pasted adhesive tapes closer and closer to the roots. You might need to wash hair without the use of balms and masks.

As a rule, correction is required every 2-4 weeks, depending on rate of hair growth. If self-correction fails, you can remove the hair extensions at all or seek professional help. Many hairdressers offer similar services at home.

Tape capacity – the procedure, though requiring maximum accuracy, but not too complicated. Much more effort is required to preserve spectacular head of hair updated in the future. Owner naroscheny strands should not go to bed with a wet head and comb wet hair. In addition, you cannot over dry strands Hairdryer. Of fixing artificial strands should not be subjected to mechanical (curler), heat (hair dryer, Curling iron or hot rollers) or chemical (hair styling products from the alcohol) effects.

процедура ленточного наращивания волос на домуShould:

  • Use shampoos with a neutral acid-alkaline balance;
  • To apply balms, non-tangling of the strands, for example, with silicone;
  • Use a comb with rare teeth, and not more than three times a day;
  • Comb the hair ends first, and then the entire length of hair from roots;
  • Make sure that the attachments are not confused between themselves.

If you take all these rules are adopted, one set of artificial strands will serve faithfully for at least one year.


The secrets of building

результат ленточного наращивания волосThe result of the tape capacity is largely dependent on the quality of the materials used. You can not buy false hair in the markets or with the hands. The best option is to turn to a professional in a specialized shop that will help you choose the locks based on the structure, color and other individual characteristics of your own hair. This is very important because only with hair of high quality can be continued further beauty experiments, which include different styling, haircuts, coloring, weaving.

Artificial hair does not get confused less than usual, but this hair requires particularly delicate care, so the best option to get rid of “tangles” – carefully untangle them with your fingers. A small amount of balm will make locks more slippery and will facilitate detangling.

To wash hair it is necessary very carefully, without tilting the head. After washing have to abandon the habits to wrap hair in a turban of towels – just thoroughly wet locks.

Before bedtime desirable to collect the hair in the ponytail or braid in a braid. So you can reduce the probability of loss of extension of the strands in the dream.

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