Stylish hairstyles 2014: worked negligence

стильные прически 2014What hairstyle relevant at the moment? With bangs or without? With straight hair or feminine waves? To these and other questions, the answers are always ambiguous. Stylish hairstyles 2014 can not stand in front of a tough choice, because for long and short hair will always be options that you can change without changing itself and without disturbing the harmony of their established style.


Punk-style – feminine rigidity

For the second year in a row the style of punk hairstyles is one of the leaders, asking not just a trend for the whole season in a barbershop fashion, but allowing the girls to feel more relaxed, even when social status, topped busily short hair, dominate their authority.

New punk is not vulgar and not flashy, he’s not shocked, but surprised by the diversity of its expressions with a base in the form of a single short female haircuts. The main thing to create stylish hairstyles in the style of punk – the presence of volume and length of hair on the crown, it is better if they are a little fall on the forehead, and better yet, cover it. Not necessarily to make a semblance of uniform thick bangs, you can easily do a graduated strands falling on one side only.

Cut in a punk style became the basis for the daring and romantic hairstyles, where the bangs can be raised slightly to NACESTI and pick up as in the style of Elvis, as well as to lay the waves or straight hair, like in the forties.


Pony tail – new version

Pony tail in 2014 can be long or short, thin or large, elegant and smooth or bedraggled and frivolous. Ponytail is one of the hairstyles of all times, for all ages and for almost any length of hair with the condition, if you have something to collect.

New versions of the cauda equina – it is well forgotten old version, for example, hairstyles in the style of the sixties, which was made famous by Brigitte Bardot his unforgettable “Babette”. The tail in this hairstyle can be high or low, but it is combined with whipped back. Beautiful long hair is a sin to hide in bunches or braiding braids constantly, because of their density and a healthy glow can be demonstrated with a high tail, the gum of which is covered by its own lock, and at length he caught subtle, almost invisible elastic bands or shoelaces.


Spit around the head – negligent romance

Braids around the head of fashion is not the first year, and in 2014 with a light hand fans intricate tangles in her hair, she becomes very interesting. Outdated and just now declares a smooth strict spit, neatly wrapped around the head along the contour of the face. Trendy spit a little disheveled, not braided to the end connected to the tail or tails. If its length for weaving trendy spit is not enough, there is nothing wrong to use artificial, which may vary in shade from the total mass of hair.

Such hairstyles will be the ideal option for weddings, social events with less formal dress code. Hairstyle with braids in the style of boho-chic fits in office reality and everyday life of the young romantic girls, not thinking of the summer days without long flowing evening gowns.


Complex braids is an incredible amount of

Weave braid a little to the hair look stylish, you need to consider some tricks that will help her to become relevant in a particular season. What features of the spit in 2014? First of all, this is an unusual texture, uneven weave, expressive amount, together with accessories and other hair care trends. This year tresses become hyperonymy by weaving overhead strands, whose artificial origin does not concealed, and sometimes emphasizes using contrasting inclusions. Spit can be one, wide, heavy, in combination with the already mentioned tendency of the sixties with whipped top.


The curls on one side – effect of the fifties

To create a feminine evening images stylists do not cease to apply to the retro-style, in this case the focus of the fifties. The main indicator of the hairstyle of the era – smooth waves, volume and curls thrown on one side. This simple hairstyle that requires impeccable condition of hair is offered in the evening the variant with curls through the mid-lengths and for everyday wear or for less solemn occasions, where the tips carefully designed and laid not curls, and negligent natural waves, which seemed disheveled by the wind.

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