Styling hair: what are and how they work

средства для укладки волосOn the market today there are many different tools for hair styling. However, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one is right for you. The first thing that you should keep in mind when searching for стайлингового funds – this is your type of hair. Next, what to pay attention to your hair. And, finally, determine the style you want to get.

A few questions

Your hair is thin and dense? Rare or thick? Do they have a texture, or they look flat and lifeless lie? By answering these questions you will determine the type of your hair.

What is your hairstyle? Hair long or short? Curly, wavy or straight?

And the last thing that you want to get a sense of style? You want to have the volume or texture? And may be, to strengthen Shine or make them more saturated color? All of these questions should be answered to choose the right tool for the installation.

Styling and hair types

For fine hair, you should start with choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. The thin and soft hair can cause heavy tools that make their greasy and hair flat. Instead, look for products that are not aggravate hair and have a light texture. Many of them have a special mark – «for thin hair», also will be of benefit if they do not contain oils. When washing your hair pay attention to where you apply air conditioning: if you apply it at the roots, it is heavier hair and deprive them of their volume.

средства для укладки волосMousse is a perfect solution for thin hair. You can find many options mousse with light texture, which strengthens the hair and add volume. It is better to put mousse on damp hair, but the dry, which will also give a good effect. To complete the laying, spray on hair little paint for the volume.

Thick and dense hair often seem rude and look like wire. For laying of such hair look for moisturizers with a smoothing effect. Always carefully вымывайте shampoo hair and use the air conditioning with lasting moisturizing effect.

For laying of such use hair conditioners, toothpaste, lipstick and wax. These tools help control hair texture and add them softness and pliability. Most of them can be used both on wet and dry hair. Also many of these funds, «lock up» the moisture in the hair and not allow them to dry, jammed and scroll. Varnish should protect from moisture, to hairstyle looked carefully all day.

средства для укладки волосFor medium and short hair texture is also important, therefore, lipsticks, creams, waxes and balms may be useful. Use these tools at the roots of the hair to add them level, and to complete the image use varnish. Very short hair may be more problematic in the installation. Styling may take more time, than on long hair, because for their installation requires more funding modeling. For such hair can be useful lucky strong hold and the so-called adhesives hair that good record locks.

Curly or wavy hair have their own special problems during installation. As thick coarse hair, they easily curl or become similar to the wire. The key here is to select those tools that help to highlight the positive properties of such hair and minimize the negative. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, created specially for curly or wavy hair. Products, which contain oil or other natural fatty acids, will give extra power to the hair. Often leave-in conditioner for such hair is better than washable. If your hair is very thick, use good распутывающее tool that will facilitate the combing.

If you like your natural waves or curls, the special cream, lotion or gel can be ideal styling tool for them. Wet results, apply the gel or lotion to wet hair and let them dry naturally, without using a hair-dryer. If you want to straighten your hair, choose a straightening gel. If you apply it to dry hair, it can help to tame the unruly curls and soften the image.

Laying long hair depends on their type. For example, straight hair often require additional volume or seals. To achieve this, we have to begin with shampoo for volume and air conditioner. Styling of the hair is usually best suited gel, lotion, or mousse. These tools provide control without weighing hair.

средства для укладки волосChemically treated, painted or overly dry your hair can be a problem. Choose a shampoo that preserve the color of dyed hair as long as possible.

Hair with split ends need a good treatment, the means to strengthen and moisturize your hair. In particular, pay attention to the shampoos, conditioners, and styling tools that contain keratin. Even the regular treatment with hot oil can be useful for dry and brittle hair.

No matter what type your hair, a couple of drops of serum for gloss or spray lights provide hairstyle excellent finished look. They contain amplifiers Shine, which penetrate under the cuticle and resist electrification and easy hair damage. Especially good such funds for chemically treated hair.

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