Straightening artificial hair – ideal order

выпрямление искусственных волосUnfortunately, not all girls and women have gorgeous hair from nature. But in our time there are many solutions to this problem: wigs, extensions and hair piece. Those who use artificial hair on the clip, you can learn more about the care of them. The artificial hair straightening is a simple but important procedure.

Hair extensions are subdivided into natural and artificial. Artificial hair on the clip-the pins are very cheap and look completely different from the natural. They absolutely do not harm your hair. They are easy to wash. They can cheat and curls and waves. Perhaps the only drawback is that over time, they become confused and lose a well-groomed appearance.


Care of artificial hair on the clip

As a result of long socks artificial hair can potraits and buy an awful view, it is almost impossible to comb. What can you do? You can try to straighten their irons. Here’s how:

  • Peel off the strand. Too thick strands taken is not necessary, and that iron will be bad for them to be ironed.
  • Start gently comb fine comb with all, gradually moving higher.
  • Iron lock plate. For best effect, preferably several times to hold flat iron hair. You can use special oils or means for smoothing the hair and even ordinary water. When carrying out several times a flat iron hair starts to magnetics and hang around in different directions. To fix this, you need just a drop of water (or tools) to lubricate the tips of the fingers and hold in the hair. Again brush a strand.

In the end, the hair will become original form, will be easy to comb and a long time to serve you. The only drawback is that it takes a long time, since the smoothing is one of the strands.

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