Straight hair with bangs: the comprehension of the modern canons of beauty

прямые волосы с челкойStraight hair with bangs to lay much easier than curly and especially tight curls. If you want to change the image, try the new bangs, but can not decide, you need to consider several factors that will affect your decision about a new stylish hairstyle. Straight hair can be as thin and dense and that will always affect the shape of the bangs. Don’t forget about the face shape, which is the most important item when defining a new hairstyle.


Short haircut with bangs

Trendy short haircut with highlighted tips in a well-structured staining with multiple tonal transitions in the presence of bangs can hide such trouble as thin hair without volume. If your hair is really thin and looks lifeless, not worth the Bang to make a very long, need to competently work on it, giving a volume that is easy to maintain between the support haircuts.

When ultra-short pixie haircut, where hair can reach lengths of just a couple of inches, looks great slightly elongated asymmetrical Bang that is easy to stack the dryer and brushing. To keep the structure of the bangs with filirovki on short haircut need to use textureloader styling means no oily Shine.

Short haircut for straight hair with bangs is suitable for girls with oval face. If the forehead is narrower than the lower jaw, the top of the hair should be the volume – then you should equalize the bangs in length with the other strands in the area of the crown.


Caret-Bob with bangs

And direct classic short and elongated, and daring youth asymmetric caret at the very straight hair blend perfectly with different types of bangs. Choose the one that’s more suitable for your type of face and hair density.

If your hair is not terribly thick, it is better to make a slightly milled bangs. With oval face, a straight up eyebrows, if the face with broad cheekbones, it is better to give preference asymmetrical bangs, which, if necessary, easy to clean behind the ears.

Oblique straight bangs almost mandatory requirement for straight hair and a narrow elongated face with a pointed chin. The caret must not be very short, opening fully long neck, it is better to stop on the length of the shoulders or a little higher.

Asymmetrical rack with surround back and drop down stonawski down tips that repeatedly returns to fashionable Olympus, can be combined with both oblique and straight bangs. With oval face, good smooth and straight bangs, while the wide face will require asymmetry. When laying bangs with the caret on straight hair, it is preferable to use a flat iron or Hairdryer with brushing, carefully smoothing his bangs and locking it with the paste.


Haircut cascade with bangs

Stylish, timeless dynamic haircut cascade, decorated layers, as a rule, combined with the same mobile oblique asymmetrical bangs. Cascade shows girls with straight hair at medium length, if nature has not endowed them particularly rich in texture.

Due to different approaches to styling, cascade with oblique bangs is suitable for different types of faces, delicately smoothing uncouthness and wide sharp cheekbones, giving femininity and maturity of all persons without pronounced cheekbones.

If the hair is straight, and the face is very narrow, then shows a long fringe in cascade haircut that can along with the total mass of hair to make careless vertical curls.

If you want to keep the hair volume at the top of the head, for example, with a narrow forehead and wide chin area, you can make a very thick bangs, which begins about the middle of the crown and down to the eyebrows. If you want it you can do it direct, it is asymmetrical.


Long straight hair with bangs

Beautiful natural data sometimes do not allow girls to shear off a lot of hair, so to spice up your hairstyle with long hair, clip out the bangs, which is quite reasonable. If the hair is beautiful and quite thick, with such a hairstyle not need much of a hassle for laying and maintaining their health. Beautiful hair can be left in one long, ostrega straight bangs up eyebrows, which does not require any particular installation.

For those who wish to emphasize the individuality of his style, you want bangs with a twist. This can be very thick straight bangs covering her eyebrows. It can be placed on, twisting the brushing inwards, so that it remains three-dimensional. The fit and expressive semicircular bangs, make the face prettiness and makes a bright accent to the image. A straight diagonal bangs with long hair diversifies style if your hair is thin.

Don’t forget to give a smooth bangs for straight hair Shine, especially if they have dark – only one this emphasis able to revive the hair.

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