Straight bangs for long hair: the selection of individual style

прямая челка на длинные волосыStraight bangs on long hair – this is a simple hairstyle that serves as a good base. It can be worn both in everyday life and to do part of the evening looks, nothing in it is not changing. If you want to pick up the length of the hair to tighten them, to make a beautiful high styling, suitable to the occasion, you can do it, leaving the bangs straight and smooth or to give it volume. Hairstyles with such a base may be several, so if you decided to do straight bangs on your long hair, your hair will not be as small as it may seem at first glance.


Change of image

Long healthy shiny hair looks real decoration of women. If they have thick, difficult hair not necessary, but there is a need for proper regular care in order to preserve this gift of nature. Straight bangs comes to the aid of those girls who don’t want to cut off her long hair, making them feathering or graduations. Besides, bangs perfectly corrects facial features and refreshes the image, making the hairstyle fashion.

You will need straight bangs for long hair if you have a pear shaped face, prominent forehead when sahastranam chin (face shape heart). When hair that is prone to rapid curing, it is not recommended to do straight bangs, if your hair is thin because of the bangs all hair will look greasy and unkempt. Long hair with straight bangs for a more impressive look on the brunettes, and blondes need to work on the radiance of my hair.


Smooth elegance hair

Thick long dark hair do not want to cut or even to adjust the length, but thick straight bangs will not interfere, and even accentuate their beauty and healthy glow. Pay attention to eye makeup, to whom this hairstyle would attract some attention. To add Shine to your hair, go over them with the palms in which you need to pre-grind serum or oil to make it Shine. For ease of installation and mobility bangs, it can be slightly thinned and treated with tapering on the edge, not much affecting its length.


Beach curls with messy bangs

This style is for long hair with straight bangs is perfect for blondes with thin hair. If do not differ good health, density, natural volume and Shine, this style will suit you. Roll the hair onto the Curling or long soft curlers-curlers to get vertical curls, then disassemble their fingers and may be slightly dishevel. Bangs also not necessarily be left smooth, can stir it and sprinkle with varnish.


Large waves with a smooth thick bangs

Large waves look good on smooth thick hair and thick straight bangs to eyebrows accentuate the nobility of the image. Roll the hair onto the Curling iron, holding it vertically, after styling hair can’t be combed, while maintaining volume. Bangs apply a luminizer and smooth comb with small teeth or brush.


French style short bangs above eyebrows

Straight bangs in the classic version with long hair can be shortened by raising it above your eyebrows, and you will receive a new version of the recognizable throughout the world style of this Parisian. Straight cropped bangs with long hair will suit girls with round or wide faces, as it visually elongates the shape vertically, especially with straight hair, not processed graduations. Avoid this style if you have long long face, as his features are emphasized.


Stylish semi-circle

Sharp facial features or the shape close to a square, with sharp cheekbones and jawline – a reason to think straight, slightly rounded bangs. You should not do it deliberately rounded, fairly lightweight curved line that would distinguish her from cutting straight bangs. This hairstyle as the basis does not need additional styling – pretty hair comb, carefully smoothing liquid for stacking or serum for Shine.


Ponytail with bangs

Basic hairstyle in which long hair combined with long bangs and strands with length to the chin, will become a good Foundation for styling with hair removed. You can do a simple pony tail, high or low, to collect the hair in the shell or beam. In non-ideal proportions of the face such hairstyles without bangs is contraindicated, and long bangs to the eyebrows will save your image from disharmony.


Bangs with weave

It is known that hairstyles with long hair and straight bangs look more advantageous on girls with dark hair, but if you are blonde, you have the opportunity to play with the image otherwise. You can focus on your bangs using a dyeing or coloringthat mixes several shades of blond. This option is especially good for fine hair without volume, as different shades of strands make hair more alive, more dynamic, visually increasing its volume.

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