Side-swept bangs to side: stylish, bold, modern

косая челка на бокSide-swept bangs to the side will allow you to take another look at your everyday look, review it, make any “flavor” and to embroider a number of hairstyles for everyday or a special occasion. This bangs is chosen individually for each type of person? Depending on what features you need to make them less visible, and, of course, from your personal style. Some people prefer a shorter fringe, the other girls are thick asymmetrical fringe, for someone ragged bangs in the punk style is the continuation of individuality. See stellar examples and choose the type of side bangs that suits you best.


Jennifer Love Hewitt thick side bangs

косая челка Дженнифер лав ХьюиттSuch a Bang, as the actress Jennifer love Hewitt, you can make yourself, even if you have no bangs, in principle, that is, it is not cut off. The role of the bangs to create this style can easily play a wide strand of hair that needs to be accesati from the frontal area, a well-comb, smoothing brushing, and translate sideways, setting the stage for the ear. Also you can be cut long side-swept bangs, which you need to follow all the same.

This kind of bangs will suit girls with narrow long face – it visually “cut” them. Perfect long thick bangs at Coto prominent forehead, these bangs cover it, not paying attention to it. You can do this kind of bangs on straight flowing hair, and if you want to add your image a pinch of retro, make a small bouffant at the crown or put on tape.


Naomi watts – air side-swept bangs with straight caret

челка Наоми УоттсSmooth Bob haircut-Kare without calibrating suitable rare women who most require some correction features and face shapes. A small side-swept bangs to the side, a rare, almost impalpable on the face, can add to the image and to harmonize traits. Example Naomi watts proves it – simple Bob looks much more interesting.

Bangs on straight Bob is great for fine hair, but to make the haircut with bangs look stylish and neat, requires correct installation. After shampooing, dry the bangs, armed with brushing, spinning the lock on the inner side. For better fixation onto the bangs a little mousse to hold the bangs will maintain a steady volume and shape.

Make air slash bangs, if you lower part of the face is wider than the upper inclined Bang will adjust the shape and make it uniform.


Rose Byrne – a long thick bangs with high hair

косая густая челка Роуз БирнIf you have naturally beautiful thick hair, you will not need too cast over your bangs and shred it with scissors. You can emphasize volume of hair by making a part of images of long asymmetrical slash thick bangs, as demonstrated by rose Byrne.

Thick hair of any shade – ideal for retro-hairstyles in the style of the sixties. Laying “Babette” or other variations of this style a modern twist asking for just such a fringe, which ideally should be distributed on both sides of the face. This hairstyle looks sloppy, and sexy. If you want to do this type of bangs for your long or medium hair, ask the master a bit to thin out it to lay down confident and fit.


Freida Pinto – bangs with the effect of wet hair

челка на бок Фриды ПинтоThe effect of wet hair back from the 80’s, and quite successfully I found myself in the bangs and crown area of the hair. Freida Pinto shows an example of how you can look fashionable side-swept bangs to the side, slightly processed by the tool to create the effect of wet hair.

This effect is good in evening hairstyles, and to stack such bangs is very simple. You need to put it a little gel for hold with wet effect and comb or comb with small teeth, if you want to get a smooth shiny bangs, or a comb with rare teeth if you want a less pretentious air bangs, like Frida.


Chelsea Kane – asymmetrical graduated Bob oblique bangs

косая челка Челси КейнSide-swept bangs in a haircut Chelsea Kane is an essential part of her hair, which always looks great on a platinum blonde. Haircut-Bob square with such an intense graduations revitalizes hair, gives liveliness to the image, transforms fine hair and side-swept bangs in this hair style fits perfectly. Haircut may be asymmetrical, like Chelsea, or symmetrical to the shape of the bangs is not affected.

Both strands of the bangs start in the vertex area, beautiful styling dry my hair, pulling brushing from the root zone, but not spinning it down to the bangs were a little ruffled.


Molly Sims – Greek style with bangs

челка Молли СимсHairstyles in the Greek style mean soft curls, twisted the ends, low side tails, falling down on his forehead strands. Elegant oblique bangs across the forehead and behind the ear, this is a wonderful addition to summer hairstyles in the Greek style, which you can do for a wedding or prom.

Such bangs need to be laid, twirling inside brushing large diameter, and directing a jet of warm air dryer on top. To the bangs were kept, not broken, but didn’t look frozen mass, before you blow-dry, apply a little mousse to fix, but in the end, you may spray it with a varnish light hold with a distance of 20-30 cm

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