Side-swept bangs: stylish attribute fashionable hairstyles

косая челкаOblique bangs long been an integral attribute of fashionable hairstyles for any basic hairstyle. No matter what length hair you wear, oblique bangs you should at least once to try on. If you don’t like it, she’ll grow, and you will be able to take her by the ear, or pick up stealth. If you like, and you go, you will discover a new range of stylish styles that previously could not afford.

Side-swept bangs for a round face is absolutely necessary, and if you are the owner entity of this type, do not hesitate. With any other type of face asymmetrical bangs, long or short, too will not be superfluous. Even if you have nothing to conceal, that a small section of hair near the forehead can create for you a new image.


Who goes side-swept bangs

It is hard to imagine a girl who wouldn’t fit side-swept bangs, however, some recommendations regarding the shape of the face and damn it still exists. It is not about oblique bangs as such, and its various forms, length and degree of processing of scissors. This bangs is suitable for girls with round, square and people form a “triangle” – how with a broad forehead and pointed chin, and Vice versa, when pear-shaped. More exact recommendations depend on the specific form and available length hair in bangs.

Round and square faces need to visually pull, therefore it is recommended that a long side-swept bangs, preferably distributed on both sides of the face. Pear-shaped face and by face shape “heart” need to pay more attention to the area of the forehead. If you have a wide forehead, prominent (heart-shaped face shape), then the bangs must be oblique diagonal. Strand goes over the forehead almost horizontally, crossing it, that is, the bangs starting at one temple and goes to another. However, make it smooth and palisano not necessarily. Long side-swept bangs can be created without cutting the strands.

With pear-shaped faces the opposite problem, and in this case, the bangs should cover the forehead, but also to create volume where it lacks that heavy lower part of his face not to catch the eye and blend with the top.

Short side-swept bangs for troubled individuals don’t, it’s “accessory” for women with oval faces, short haircuts, haircuts cascade for medium hair and different versions of Bob’s car.


Oblique bangs with different haircuts

  • Short haircut with long bangs

Inclined Bang with short hair can be long or short, it depends on her style. The haircut itself can be boyishly short, but long bangs that basis is not a hindrance, quite the contrary, it complements it and makes the image more feminine. You can style the bangsslightly to make, to put you on the forehead, swung sideways and locking behind her ear.

  • Haircut Bob with asymmetrical

Side-swept bangs with a Bob haircut is always a good idea regardless of the style of the haircut. -Bob square to oblique bangs can be completely straight and symmetrical, ripped graded throughout its length, in the style of “ball”, step. Oval faces is a direct caret short oblique bangs if you have puffy or almost square face, it is recommended to stop at the caret with soft graduations and long oblique bangs below the top of the cheekbones.

  • Cascade with oblique bangs

Cascade is an uneven graduated haircut steps for medium length hair and side-swept bangs in the cascade is almost a mandatory attribute. This haircut is highly recommended for girls with full faces and owners of fine hair that does not hold shape and volume. Ragged cascade oblique bangs despite the apparent complexity of the shape lends itself to easy installation. After shampooing, you must apply a light mousse or spray for volume and blow-dry the hair with a round brush medium or large diameter, lightly twirling the ends inward.

If you wear long cascade with a slanting Bang, the fabric slightly modify and tweak brushing strands of a person, including the bangs, inward, and the hair below the chin outward. Get perky feminine hairstyle, three-dimensional and movable.


How to lay oblique bangs

If bangs short, it is not necessary to do by placing overly rounded – it looks old-fashioned. Lightly dry it with a hair dryer, moving the brushing medium diameter, placing it on the bangs. When drying move the bangs to one side, where you direct it. After drying slightly usherette bangs with your fingers, so it won’t look artificial, can spray varnish, so it is not broke, or wax to highlight the tips, if she graduated, ragged and asymmetrical.

If you wear long oblique bangs and adhere to the classic feminine hairstyles, you can dry it differently than short. Drizzle the bangs styling spray and throw a strand on the round brush at the top, but in the direction from the forehead, that is, the brush you should not hold the forehead, as in drying short bangs and closer to the top. Direct a jet of air on the bangs and head brushing counterclockwise. At the end of the stacking release the bangs to the side and fix a light varnish.

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