Side-swept bangs on medium hair style, volume and correction

косая челка на средние волосыSide-swept bangs on medium hair suited to different types of faces because the bangs and the hair length in this case play the hand as the owners are perfectly proportional, and forms of persons with features. With this basic configuration hairstyles you can create different styles, curl the bangs and hair, leaving them naturally straight or pulling the flat iron.

Short bangs with medium length hair will be the basis for a multitude of stylish hairstyles for everyday life and for evening events. The shape of the bangs and style styling pick according to your face shape. The images of celebrities will help you to better understand the diversity of the possible options of styling.


For a round face

Oblique bangs on medium hair for round faces must be elongated, movable, not too thick. Otherwise, the face will seem severe, and his features are coarse.

косая челка Селены Гомес для круглого лица

Selena Gomez

косая челка Кирстен Данст для круглого лица

Kirsten Dunst

косая челка Эммы Стоун для круглого лица

Emma Stone

Selena Gomez – the owner of a round face and thick dark hair, so her images with oblique bangs much more advantageously than with straight and smooth, which can aggravate the face. Kirsten dunst has a round face with wide cheekbones, so he wears medium hair, and her bangs almost always oblique and not too thick. Round face Emma stone requires a haircut with asymmetrical bangs, and her big eyes give her the perfect opportunity to pull the bangs over the forehead diagonally, leaving them unnoticed.


For the square face

Square face softening hell, and side-swept bangs should not be too sharp, so as not to aggravate the facial features.

косая челка Сандры Буллок для квадратного лица

Sandra Bullock

косая челка Хайди Клум для квадратного лица

Heidi Klum

косая челка Оливии Уайлд для квадратного лица

Olivia Wilde

Haircut medium length Bob with sparse oblique bangs perfectly smoothes the sharpness features of the contour of the face Sandra bullock. Similar face shape, the German supermodel Heidi Klum, who also rarely parted with Bob haircut with long oblique bangs that visually obscures one side of the face and does not focus on his form. Short bangs to this kind of face shape with medium length hair is also suitable, and an example is Olivia Wilde, which is short inclined Bang is perfectly combined with long wavy caret.


For elongated face

To long or too narrow face seem even more elongated, base medium hair and slanting bangs should be carefully redesigned in order to give it volume. This volume should be of widening the face, and bangs should not be flat.

косая челка Рейчел МакАдамс для вытянутого лица

Rachel McAdams

косая челка Одри Паркер для вытянутого лица

Audrey Parker

косая челка Керри Андервуд для вытянутого лица

Carrie Underwood

Rachel McAdams showed excellent example of how to make stylish long face: hair is laid Hairdryer in voluminous Bob hairstyle, bangs are too voluminous and airy. Similar style in platinum blond tried on Audrey Parker and Carrie underwood.


For heart-shaped faces

Face shapes heart or triangle, inverted angle down, requires a thick long braid bangs, which will cover a wide upper part of the face, prominent forehead. Medium length hair can stay straight, but it’s better to curl them to create volume at the bottom.

косая челка Риз Уизерспун для сердцевидного лица

Reese Witherspoon

косая челка Лейси Чаберт для сердцевидного лица

Lacey Chabert

косая челка Дженнифер Лав Хьюитт для сердцевидного лица

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Examples of haircuts with slanting bangs with medium length hair will become Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lacey Chabert. They adhere to oblique bangs of different lengths, and hair in the total mass as wind and leave straight. The simpler styling with this face shape, the better. To make heart-shaped face more harmonious, it is recommended to select hair updo, shells or ponytail. Bangs leave loose, do not overload her styling products, it could even block the half of the face.


For pear-shaped faces

Pear-shaped face is among a number of problematic for picking the correct hairstyle. The fact that this form requires medium length hair and indispensable oblique bangs – no doubt because this would be the best basis for hairstyles that will be able to adjust the shape. Choose elongated Bob-caret, but the ends should not look heavy, so as not to exacerbate the severity of the lower face. Bangs when such data is important because it balances the face, creating a top volume, which is lacking in the face. The best option will be a long side-swept bangs, which can be a diffuser, creating a soft wave.

косая челка Келли Кларксон для грушевидного лица

Kelly Clarkson

косая челка Келли Осборн для грушевидного лица

Kelly Osbourne

As an example, this hairstyle with pear face shape can serve as Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Osbourne.

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