Short haircuts celebrities – from extreme sports to the classics

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Энн ХэтэуэйNot necessarily have long bulk hair, to look pretty and feminine. The correctness of this thesis repeatedly prove famous women who refuse long hair in favour of practical and provocative haircuts. Someone does it for the role, others – at the behest of the heart and direction of the personal stylist. And someone just hair came in such a state after numerous hairdressing manipulation in the name of art that they can only cut. All these women are proud to wear their new hairstyles. Therefore, short haircuts celebrities is a good illustrative example of successful experiments with appearance.


Anne Hathaway

Hollywood beauty Anne Hathaway, many years of his career shone on the screen and in the light of their luxurious long and brown hair that may have been the envy of every girl. And suddenly in the end of 2012, the actress appeared on the photos paparazzi with a short haircut. Fans gasped why she did it? But the art is known, requires victims, and for the sake of playing a role in the musical «Les Miserables» actress parted with luxurious tresses. Big brown eyes and sensual lips actress with a new hairstyle became even more expressive. Short hair is incredibly Ann and, of course, does not spoil.


Charlize Theron

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Шарлиз ТеронSomeone said that pixie haircut out of fashion, are hopelessly outdated and do it now – moveton. Charlize Theron have heard nothing about it, and what her deal star to the global trends of gloss? Her face is perfect oval and fine features perfectly underlined by short haircuts where a beautiful natural blonde combined with dark roots.


Ginnifer Goodwin

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Джиннифер ГудвинThe young actress Ginnifer Goodwin recently parted ways with long hair and opted for the easy haircut, which is perfectly suited to her style, and her face shape. The Ginnifer round comely face with soft features and neat smooth cut with oblique bangs, released on the forehead, making her look more adults, giving her femininity. Deep chestnut brown shade ideally combined with porcelain skin actress. Ginnifer becomes a living refutation of the fact that girls with round faces should not do with short haircuts.


Evan Rachel Wood

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Эван Рейчел ВудAmerican Evan Rachel wood in 2013 demonstrated unexpected feminine short haircut. It combines convenience and romanticism, which rarely manage to combine in short haircut. This became possible due to the long bangs, and laid a beautiful wave in a retro style. Hairstyle looks air, but it never loses its practicality.


Halle Berry

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Халли БерриThe actress is a long – term admirer of short haircuts, and even if from time to time she allows herself to grow hair, then sooner or later returned to his beloved length, with which her stylist experiments from the soul. Earlier Hally wore ультракороткую haircut, now she chooses femininity, which is expressed in the elongated strands on top. They can be put as well as Evan Rachel wood, and can be raised in a stylish crest – why not?


Chloe Севиньи

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Хлое СевиньиActress Chloe Севиньи always differed unformatted style, which only emphasized its non-standard appearance. Chloe can afford not to pay attention to the trends and do the hair, which she wants it. Example – its shaggy Bob divided direct parted. In this haircut is a special charm, as the Union of male and female that Севиньи often makes its own twist.



короткие стрижки знаменитостей РианнаRihanna – known big bully on the part of the style, she is not afraid to shave half of his head, nor to paint hair with crazy shades like crimson. In 2013, the singer appeared with very short hair with ultra-short French bangs, opening forehead almost completely. For such samples style need not only courage but also the perfect shape of the face and condition of the skin that stars r-n-b, of course, available.


Erin O’connor

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Эрин О’КоннорThe new face of the British model business Erin ОэКоннор like many other famous mods are not spared topic twenties, suddenly engulfed podiums and glossy photo shoot. Her haircut – classic era with thick bangs and long to ear. This haircut emphasizes elegant Shine and color model’s hair, and her expressive eyes with wide eyebrows-arrows.


Michelle Williams

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Мишель УильямсMichelle Williams is not the first year unfaithful short hairstyles, which her. Abandoning pixie actress opted for a fashionable asymmetric haircut that looks stylish, but not flashy. This hairstyle saves comfortable and safe length on the one hand, on the other, there is a very short haircut. Michelle Williams serves as a good example of what these hairstyles are not the only women, who are plus or minus twenty years.


Miley Cyrus

короткие стрижки знаменитостей Майли СайрусIdol American Teens Miley Cyrus according to many of them made a currently fashionable crime. She snapped her beautiful hair, making bold haircut shaved head. Of course, the image Miley, before such a tender and romantic, immediately changed, becoming brutal and insolent. But, maybe an actress and this is what was hoped?

Here she is, the great power of hairdressing art – just a few inches of hair, and what unintended effect could be radically changes the entire style, sometimes turning it upside down.


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