Short haircuts 2014: retro-romantic new time (50 photo stars)

короткие стрижки 2014Short haircuts 2014 hairstyles proclaiming the freedom of the woman who does not want to be limited in one way, and wants to change quickly and easily, when she wants. Stylists around the world continue to give preference to the haircuts-the transformers, which from first sight does not seem difficult and complicated. The whole secret is that just a few movements comb and hair-dryer with a small amount of styling products can turn a romantic young lady with honey order in the rock diva, which selects acute style with tips worked with wax. If you also like the variety, choose your own fashion haircut 2014.


Cutting in the 80s: shaven head

In the 1980s, this trend was popular both for men and for women. Mow the crown was allowed to leave boring curls across the length and beat on the head Iroquois and do crazy hair in punk style. The hair on the crown then contrasted sharply with the rest of the length of the hair, and this hairdressing action was intentional. In 2014 this trend is coming, but looks more calmly, without hysterical punk style.

This year the top of his head bobbed more carefully, it can be smooth, if necessary, but if you want to give the image sharpness and give «something», it can always be lifted using Moussa or freeze liquid varnish, with her head down. The basis of such short haircuts can be diverse: ultra short pixie, direct short to the level of the ears Bob-caret, classic, soft, feminine Bob below the ears. Such haircuts combine well with all types of fringe, but it’s better if they are torn, straight to the eyebrows or oblique and asymmetric.

Similar haircuts, which allow to shake up the volume in the upper part of the head, are ideal for individuals who need such a correction, for pear-shaped, with wide jaw.


Haircuts Bob with raised my head

Some time ago, a much raised back in a short laundering, was if no error hairdresser, a measure of its commitment to outdated or provincial style. The honor was smoothness and no outstanding tabs in hairstyles. In 2014, more and more celebrities have started to appear with such haircuts, in which the neck significantly issued, visually pulling his head up or increasing the amount of hair in General.

This new interpretation of grooming, which in Soviet times was called the «caret on the leg.» The difference between the old and the new version is that the new caret not literally on the leg – crossing between the lines the back of the head and neck is pretty smooth, but it all depends on the skill of the hairdresser.

Haircut-caret with high or surround back suitable for solving many problems of visual perception of faces and figures. The main advantage – this hairstyle makes neck longer, sleeker figure. She looks great on women with narrow faces, I pronounced plaatste in the upper cheekbones, harmonizing way. It is best to combine raised the back of the head with oblique asymmetric bangs.


Smooth haircuts

Smooth hair doesn’t always mean out of fashion way, and excellent adjoins beautiful and stylish haircuts, very fashionable and youth. A feature of such short haircuts is no pronounced calibration, although strands does not necessarily have to be direct. The tips should be well designed, but not much torn. To put such grooming needs, with emphasis on the fringe, so the parting in most cases is unnecessary. Bangs down on your forehead smooth shiny hair which is emphasized by the spray glitter, then fixed to the side, oboznachaet graceful line along the eyebrow. These short haircuts perfect for evening wear, as well emphasize bright makeup eye, they are also able to fit into the actual theme of the 1930s. Making short smooth Bob easily create beautiful authentic cut in the style of the parties to the thirties, when walking along the hair stylero with large diameter wearing thin Hoop or a diadem.


Haircuts with long locks, front

Fully open person, depriving him of a romantic or daring clear strands of hair falling over his forehead or temple in 2014 is not true. To feel on top trendy wave, you need to make cutting, which have either a long asymmetric slash Bang, which can reach up to the chin, or long temporal strands, which are combined with short hair on the total mass of hair. Such haircuts are more suitable for teenagers for teenagers and young girls. The older woman becomes, the more peaceful direction of this style she should choose. Teenagers can combine asymmetry, ragged ends and shaved occipital area, but in older age should take care, that the difference between the long strands of hair all over his head wasn’t very big, and haircut looked extreme.

Such short haircuts can easily be combined with hair without consideration colouring even flat platinum blond will look spectacular when there is a beautiful glossy Shine.


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