Short bangs with long hair: the style is not for the timid fashionistas

короткая челка с длинными волосамиShort bangs with long hair style certainly is for daring girls who seek to draw attention to his image. To wear this style, you will need to monitor the condition of the hair, the shape of the eyebrows, eye makeup, because the upper region of the face will draw attention to themselves. The hairstyle and the shape of the bangs should definitely pick up at your face shape, structure and thickness of hair, because not every styling will look good on your face with prominent features, pointed chin, wide cheekbones.

Short bangs embodies French style, but a haircut that became widely known as a haircut real Parisian, requires short hair, mostly Bob-caret with a straight line cut. Long hair short bangs looks stylish too, but sends us in the fifties, when there was pin-up. Only self-confident girl to wear short bangs, which draws the eye, long hair, straight, or curled up in curls or vertical waves.

If you do this kind of bangs for long hair, do not rush to embark on experiments – possibly torn or very short bangs doesn’t suit you. Make the first generic version, let’s see how this style suits you, and then you can adjust the Bang and the total length of the hair.


The style of pin-up

короткая челка в стиле пин-ап с длинными волосамиGirl in pin-up style is sexy, somewhat caricatured a fashionista who is not afraid of bright colors and original solutions. Best of all this style looks great on thick hair, a little curl at the tips.

Short bangs, which exposes the eyebrows or stops in the middle of the forehead, can be both direct and triangular. Thick clear short bangs with long hair lying on his shoulders, fit girls with oval and heart-shaped faces with cute little cheeks-apples and a sharp chin. The bangs in this case takes the view, not bringing him to the chin. Girls with small eyes, and a person should not do a hairstyle, the bangs should be more mobile and air.


Torn rare bangs

короткая рваная челка с длинными волосамиIf you do not wear their hair long, smooth, and prefer to curl them into a wave or make available youth styling, bangs must match their mind. To them well suited short rare ragged bangs that need to be laid so that the impression was worked out negligence and not polished style. Bangs after washing a hair dryer can dry and make out strands of hair wax or paste for styling. Best of all, this hairstyle looks good on dense hair because if your hair is very soft and thin bangs will break up.


Jagged bangs

короткая зубчатая челка с длинными волосамиJagged bangs may seem controversial version of the haircut, but it continues to be used. It compares favorably with thick straight short bangs that creates the effect of gravity on the face, but to wear bangs with long hair better for young girls. The tips of the bangs evenly thinned with scissors, and it doesn’t look so bright and not attract so much attention as a simple straight bangs. To gear wear short bangs with long silky hair, and with hair unkempt or randomly wavy beach curls.


Oblique short bangs

короткая косая челка при длинных волосахShort bangs with long hair does not have to be straight, it can be diagonal and slightly asymmetrical. This fringe makes the image fresh, hairstyle – trendy, and the biggest advantage – it allows you to adjust the facial features. If you have a round face and you wear long hair, maybe a direct short bangs doesn’t suit you, as it will be visually to press on, making the face even more severe. Select short oblique bangs, the cut angle of which can be almost imperceptible, and sharply-diagonal. This bangs with long straight hair makes your face look more elongated.

If your face has sharp features, sharp cheekbones and chin, slanting bangs it is recommended to soften, making the cut isn’t straight, and slightly rounding it.


Double bangs

короткая двойная челка с длинными волосамиDouble bangs which are short and straight combined with extended oblique is a perfect choice for many girls, can not only create a stylish image, but also to solve some problems with natural data. When plump round face and thin hair is almost the only option hairstyles with long hair and bangs, which is able to brighten the image and adjust the shape of the face. Double bangs complicates the hair and makes it more interesting, original, it adds the missing volume in the forehead, which is so necessary for girls with thin hair and chubby cheeks.

So short bangs in combination with a braid for long hair asymmetrical looked stunning, avoid flat hair coloring, choose stylish highlights, coloring, prefer bright shades.

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