Short bangs retro style and not only

короткая челкаThe peak of popularity of short straight bangs was in the 1960s, but in our time such a length and shape bangs are quite popular. Another thing is that short bangs – this particular test, not all girls dare to change your way with it.

It is noteworthy that many celebrities wore short bangs, for example, recently beyoncé surprised her fans with new short hairstyle with bangs, length not below the middle of the forehead. The debut of the new bangs, the singer was met not all good, but after some time Instagram Beyonce posted a series of pictures, proving that her short bangs very much goes.

Cute short bangs in the style of Betty Paige can afford any girl, this fringe is perfectly combined with a variety of haircuts and styling options, from smooth to layered Bob haircuts and long wavy curls. The presence of short bangs invariably gives hair an original vintage touch, and draws attention to facial features, creating emphasis on the eyes.


Pitfalls waiting for you

Short bangs always looks interesting, however, many women fear that the laying of such bangs require a lot of time and effort. In fact, any bangs, long or short, requires special attention and the use of certain modeling tools.

The secret of attraction short bangs is the ideal styling, so those who have no patience or time, this length bangs still should be abandoned in favor of longer variants.

Short blunt bangs require daily styling. Sorry, just Wake up, go to the hair comb and get beautiful, perfectly lying bangs, you will not succeed. So before you decide on the haircut bangs, think carefully whether you have enough time for that every morning brings such bangs in order.

In order to bangs kept the shape, some fix it overnight with a rubber band. But this technique is not very good for a very short bangs, and besides, he does not negate its next straightening or twisting. Girls with straight hair heavy in this case was a bit more lucky on such short hair bangs will look better and often does not require additional straightening, but fashionistas with curly hair have to work a little more.


Caring for short bangs

Styling short bangs we’ll need certain tools. First of all, this hair iron to align your hair with narrow plates. In the lower layer of the Bang hair shorter than the top, so it’s important to get to it and align the same as the top. If the bottom layer of hair bangs are not too smooth and even, then the top layer and bangs in General will not lie as it should. To fix the bangs can be used lipstick or hairspray. For optimal results it is better to choose light, quick-drying varnishes.

Pay attention to the direction in which you dry your hair at the roots. Make sure that during the drying process the hair is pulled forward and down. Wrap the hair with a towel after shampooing, especially at night, otherwise the next morning your bangs can acquire the most unexpected form. In order to bangs to lay the way you want, comb it, directing the hair straight down, and wear an elastic headband so that it covers the upper part of the bangs. For these purposes it is best to use a bandage from a fabric that absorbs moisture well.


Do not take a rash step

The biggest mistake when it comes to short straight bangs is as follows: looking at attractive pictures of stars with short bangs or being fans of pin up girls are not always aware of how it looks like such bangs is actually, simply put, they’re just not ready for the real length of this model bangs. And here the problems begin, very short bangs are hard to adjust, it is impossible to make longer.

Short bangs maximally opens the face and focus on the nose or eyes in this case even more than with slicked back hair. So if you are in varying degrees unhappy with the shape of the nose or cheekbones, short bangs can aggravate dissatisfaction with their appearance. And another important point: the eyebrows. Do not forget that short bangs in vintage style opens eyebrows, so the eyebrows in this case require special attention, their shape should be perfect.


The benefits you will receive

Actually with the right approach to styling and the choice of modeling tools, short bangs a lot of advantages. Here are just a few examples:

  • Short straight bangs looks great with all sorts of hats, especially small hats pushed back.
  • The short bangs combined with the tight curls, pinned at the ears, is a perfect example of vintage styling with a modern edge.
  • Short straight bangs matches perfectly with different hair accessories, armbands, or headbands funny, for example, with stylized cat ears.
  • Short straight bangs expressive in itself, but if you collect all of the hair back into a low beam, the fringe will be even more interesting.
  • The short bangs combined with long straight hair colour platinum blonde looks amazing. Don’t forget to include the image of a seductive red lipstick.
  • Short bangs with a slightly ragged edges blends perfectly with the bold pixie haircuts. This option will appeal especially to girls who prefer sports youth style.
  • Long straight hair and short bangs just made for each other. Particularly advantageous is the combination of looks in dark rich colours.

If you like experiments and ready to devote time to a simple, yet styling, bold short bangs, if the length meets your style and mood.

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