Semicircular fringe: a modern interpretation of retro

полукруглая челкаSemicircular fringe – another greetings from bygone 70s with their super popular “page”. During the period of such fringe adorned short haircut in which the hair length in the entire mass was about the same. Haircut, which today we call “ball”, now not so relevant, but the semicircular fringe that was left of it, continues its trendy way and in the twenty-first century, coming in a variety of images.


Looks like a semicircular fringe

Imagine semicircular bangs hard she literally frames the face in a semi-circle of hair, following the lower part of the forehead along the line of the eyebrows. If you review a few photos with such a Bang, it is easy to see that the hairstyle can look different and the face is perceived also varies. It’s all in the semicircle, which bistrilitsa edge bangs. The depth and expressiveness of the semi-circle, and the height of the fringes relative to the line of the eyebrows, perception depends on the person. This simple bangs can make your face visually wider or narrower, to emphasize the eyes and hide the high sloping forehead.


Suitable for semi-circular bangs

Semicircular fringe, despite many of the above advantages, is not suitable for every person. Moreover, the type of persons that such bangs can decorate, quite limited. Semicircular bangs looks good on the face with harmonious lines, the oval, but without severe symptoms plump cheeks. This bangs perfectly masks the high forehead and draws attention to the eyes, especially if they are underlined evening makeup.

This bangs perfectly enhances the beauty of dark thick heavy hair that variations rack with straight thick bangs can look out of place graphic. Semicircular bangs will not be a mistake to call more feminine retro version of straight thick bangs to the eyebrows, which is more suitable youth, and not always well matched with persons with roundness in the lower part of the face, as if pressing it down. Semicircular fringe exposes the forehead and face are “selected” from all parties, finds and sculptural becomes visually already.


Who is not suitable semicircular fringe

Semicircular bangs very rarely looks good on girls with bad lower part of the face. If the person does not just has a rounded contour, but is quite complete, there is a second chin, bangs, hiding the upper area of the face, draws all the attention to the massive bottom. To avoid potential flaws in a round or oval face, if you want to try the semicircular bangs, ask the masters do not cut severely curved circle bangs, making line almost straight, only slightly rounded. The second point is correct framing strands of hair on the cheeks. They must delicately cover the cheeks, visually narrowing, so do not cut this area too much, your ears are better left closed, allowing the strands to cover the facial contour on the sides.

The second situation in which a semicircular bangs may not look advantageous is also the problem of the lower area of the face, but now is not rounded, but on the contrary, excessively awkward. Wide faces with expressive cheekbones need appropriate hairstyles that can reverse the features of such person. If too sharp line can make such things even more rough, too soft, one of which is semicircular bangs, create a striking contrast, and then the defects will still be evident.


Hairstyles round bangs

Semicircular fringe requires a corresponding frame in the form of a beautiful, radiant, healthy straight hair, which is perfectly in harmony with it and not block its significance for the image. For this reason the best possible haircut for such fringe – short Bob-like haircut page, but without curl inward, classic natural straight Bob-caret length of about to the shoulders and long straight hair one length or with a small calibration circuit.

With a short Bob style the page you will create an image of a recognizable retro style. Hairstyle round bangs looks interesting, especially on dark hair with a natural Shine, but there is a risk that the haircut will resemble a helmet. Before you do a haircut with thick semicircular bangs think about deep colour elaborate hairstyles to give depth of colour.

Long Bob and semicircular bangs look very modern. This haircut looks mobile and alive. If you chose semicircular bangs for long hair, make sure that even in everyday images they retained the smoothness. If you have a very round face and you don’t want to wear a simple symmetrical bangs semicircle, you can do oblique semicircle, nothing is impossible. This bangs is suitable for a short asymmetric smooth rack and hairstyles for medium and long hair. Oblique semicircular fringe less demanding and more flexible if you need to adapt new styling for the old image.

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