Secret wavy hair in a beach-style: step by step instructions

волнистые волосы в пляжном стилеEverybody knows how to look beautiful hair, if you spend the day on the beach. They are slightly confused and very sexy. To play this image wavy hair in a beach-style, you will need текстурирующий spray, and to go to the beach not need.

  • First step. The key to success in the right haircut. To get the beautiful waves, you don’t have long hair, quite average length up to shoulders. What you need is strands on a graduated haircut, because you can’t make beautiful waves on the hair of the same length. You need to remove the «extra weight» of the hair and make calibration, and the length is not so important.
  • The second step. Apply on freshly washed and towel-dried hair текстурирующий spray. Apply it at full length, but if you have thick hair, use less money.
  • The third step. Squeeze the strands during drying. We all have hair a little волнисты from nature, and if the compress their palms while drying, it increases their ripple. Holding it in the palm of the hand on the small strands and squeeze, then release it, so you get a small beautiful waves.
  • The fourth step. Twist the hair nippers. You can skip this step, but if you want a more expressive wave, use tongs. You do not need perfect curls – just grab a thick locks of hair and обвивайте turns around forceps.
  • The fifth step. Take a walk through the hair with your fingers to растрепать strands. You can apply to palm a little serum for gloss, unless your hair is not very thin, otherwise serum heavier them.
  • Step six. Lower your head down and spray a little paint on the region at the roots. Then return to starting position and spray on top a little. Your sexy beach curls fixed.

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