Remedies for hair loss: search of optimum variant

лечебные средства для волосHair loss says on the violation in the organism of a stressful situation, which he suffers. It can also inform about the occurrence of acute or worsening of chronic diseases. The reasons are numerous, and the removal of them should go first, and only then need to focus on hair loss, acquiring the necessary funds. Therapeutic means for hair loss you should buy only after you determine the source of the disease. Otherwise you can spend money on expensive tool that will not bring any result.


Remedies against androgenic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia – alopecia because of excessive male hormone. Hair loss for this reason, the most difficult to treat because we have to, first, normalize endocrine profile, and secondly, stop loss, which has already started and could acquire serious forms.

If the body has too many male hormone testosterone, it can be converted into dihydrotestosterone, which becomes the cause of hair loss, inhibiting the growth of hair.

Ignoring the hormonal imbalance in the treatment of loss will not lead to positive results, and to stop hair loss for this reason, there are two main drug.

Minoxidil – remedy for external application, which causes the expansion of blood vessels in the scalp. Minoxidil is used for the treatment of different etiology. It stimulates the blood circulation and returns to life dormant hair follicles, which after some time, the application will begin to grow hair. Minoxidil can apply and men and women who are experiencing hair loss, not yet very critical. For example, women after childbirth tend to lose hair due to hormonal changes in the body. After some time, the loss stops, and Minoxidil can be used to accelerate the recovery process and stimulate the hair follicles to grow new hairs.

Synthesis of finasteride has committed a real breakthrough in pharmacology. Thanks to him, a hair loss treatment was significantly more effective, and it began to resort men and women who have despaired back their hair. Finasteride is a powerful synthetic antiandrogen nature, hormonal remedy. It can be used both externally and inside. Propecia is a medicine tablets, each containing 1 mg of finasteride.

Finasteride is associated with 5-alpha-reductase, not allowing it to connect with testosterone, that in the absence of finasteride leads to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, damaging hair. The effect of regular use of drugs finasteride appears in 2-3 months to get lasting results, it may take up to a year.


Therapeutic and cosmetic products for hair loss

When it comes to treating hair loss, you should understand that it is not the purchase of shampoo from the segment of the mass market, on which is written «from the drop». Such funds are composed of components for strengthening roots, their content is negligible, therefore, no effect will not except in the light of prevention. If hair loss for you is not just a seasonal deviation, which is subject to most people, then you need to access a truly effective drugs with a balanced composition against hair loss. They should be searched for in the chemist’s shop or from official distributors, and also in the lines of the professional cosmetic brands.

Note brand Ducray and its funds from falling out. Ducray Anaphase is stimulating shampoo for hair loss, which can be used for daily care. Ducray Neoptide – biostimulating lotion that helps the hair follicles to withstand the loss, strengthening them. Lotion-concentrate Anastim actively nourishes the hair, but a means for day and night ChronOstim also strengthens hair roots, different working at different times of day.

Famous French brand La Roche Posaу has in its line of an intensive treatment against hair loss Kerium that’s perfect for when hair loss with гипечувствительной and inflamed skin of the head. Formula balanced in such a way that the tool is not only strengthens the hair follicle, but also prevents the seal collagen and eliminates микровоспаления scalp, nourishing it.

Brand Biorga represents shampoo and lotion for hair loss, the use of which is designed for a course of treatment consisting of three months. Lotion Biorga Cystine recommended for treatment of patients with seasonal drop on the initial stage of androgenetic alopecia.

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