Ragged bangs with his hands

short hair, even the hair length of 2-3 cm all over the head.


Required accessories

Is it possible to make a ragged bangs yourself at home? This can be compared with a children’s game. There are step by step recommendation, how to make a ragged bangs.

For this you need:

  • hairdressing scissors (straight and thinning);
  • thin comb;
  • the sprayer (for example, a bottle of hydrolate).


It is important to remember

Be aware that the bangs will be shorter during drying. Therefore, add the desired length of the bangs is another centimeter.


How to cut

To determine curved line for beautiful bangs, start with the upper corner of the eyebrow and go down gradually down along the eyebrow line to the point of the nose. Then climb up to the second line of the eyebrow and finish at the level of the upper corner of the eyebrows towards the temples.

This slightly curved line of the fringe is more practical, because the tapering is more important in the center than on the sides. As a result you get smooth bangs.

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