Ragged bangs – fashionable mischief

рваная челкаHave you thought about bangs? You’re worried about whether it will suit you? You can make an interesting choice. A ragged fringe is bold and fashionable option that will transform your look.

There are different forms and different types of bangs, it is sometimes difficult to determine what will suit your needs. Have thinned bangs, thick bangs, long or short, the side bangs heavy. It all depends on the shape of the face.


Bangs and face shape

When square face shape the best option would be long and thinned the bangs, which visually rounded face. Add a little “ladder” around the face, it will help smooth things over.

Oval face is considered perfect. In this case, any bangs, long, heavy or regular. An oval face allows you to experiment with different styles.

Bangs heart shaped soften elongated and protruding chin. It is a more heavy and spiky bangs. The perfect option that will give proportion to your facial features.

For elongated and pointed face perfect side bangs can soften the face shape.

Owners of round face shapes perfect easy side bangs in the form of a cascade, which will visually make your face more elongated. Avoid long bangs, they only emphasize the roundness of the face and will seem too strict.

If you have curly hair, bangs are not always a suitable option, as it is difficult to lay. You have to use the straightener, but you risk to overdo it, and the bangs will be too flat and unruly.


Fashion short hairstyle with jagged bangs

Ragged bangs is perfect for women with short hair and an oval face shape. Short haircut with volume and styling ragged bangs is a good option for women with a square face shape. Why not experiment choosing the beautiful short hairstyle with strands on her forehead and a shapeless effect on the sides and back of the head? Short hairstyle with jagged bangs is suitable for both thick and thin hair.

Ragged bangs looks great on white frizzy hair. Short haircut for wavy blonde hair fits both women and adolescents. Currently very popular short haircut for smooth hair with thinned ragged bangs.

Generally bangs are always in fashion. Most importantly, to find a suitable option that will emphasize your attractiveness and personality.

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