Quick hairstyles for every day: when time is tight

быстрые прически на каждый деньEvery woman is faced with the problem of lack of time, when there is no time to have a morning jog, cook a full Breakfast and even get a haircut. The last of these problems is quite easy to solve – help quick hairstyles for every day: some of them do not require time-consuming, look spectacular and will be able to almost all.


For short hair (length from the ears to the chin)

Of course, much depends on the haircut, but most short haircuts can quickly put the following ways:

  • If you only have two minutes. One of the great advantages of short hair is that they can very quickly make a perfectly neat hairstyle; medium to long hair, it takes much more time. Squeeze as much mousse for styling, so you in the palm turned out to be a ball the size of a Golf ball, and spread the mousse on wet hair. Make a side parting, beginning approximately above the middle of your eyebrows, and smooth hair on both sides of the parting. Now you only have to fill the front strands of her hair behind her ears, and can proceed to other matters – your hair done and your hair will dry fast without the aid of hair dryer.
  • If you have five minutes. Apply mousse to damp hair, tilt head forward and usherette hair with your fingers, creating a slight mess, but not a complete chaos). Put on head thin Hoop so that it was only three or four inches from the hairline. Hair head.
  • If you have fifteen or twenty minutes. With some more time and irons, short hair can be made more sophisticated hairstyle. Apply on hair a little mousse for styling, and then flat iron slightly twisted strands of a width of three to four centimeters. Start moving almost flat iron from the roots and slowly rotate it around its axis. The Curling iron in this case should not be used – with it you will get these curls, and you only need to lift hair at the roots and slightly curl the ends. In General, to give the impression not of curled hair, and light, voluminous and airy mess on his head.


For medium and long hair

  • Hairstyle for curly hair. This kind of “Malinki” is ideal if you have a slightly dirty roots and don’t have time to wash their hair. Separate two broad strands of hair from the person to the right and to the left. Divide a section of your hair into two equal parts and twist them free cord. Do the same with the second strand, and then invisible fasten both strands at the nape. This hairstyle can be done on straight hair, but it will take more time – without styling straight hair, as a rule, not very well kept in this hairstyle.
  • Updo for curly hair, which can be done in five minutes. Gather hair in a ponytail, leaving free two strands of a person. Secure the tail with a rubber band. Twist the tail flagellum about mid length and attach it to the back of the head studs, leaving the ends free. The front strands fasten so that they overlap the cross-at the cross on the flagellum of hair, and their tips (five to seven inches) hanging down freely. Hairstyle can complement the beautiful comb attached to the side of the flagellum.
  • Elegant tail. Make the Central parting and from about the middle of the parting satelite hair back (that is, your hair should not reach the top). To give the hair more volume, separate wide strand of hair that begins where it ends hair, put on her hairspray and very quickly (only five or ten seconds) dry it with a hair dryer. Now gather up your hair in a sleek ponytail and secure it with the rubber band. Select a strand of hair from the lower part of the tail several times, wrap it around the ponytail and secure it at the tip under the tail using stealth or hide it under the rubber band.
  • Simple and elegant hairstyle. This is another one of those hairstyles that look difficult, but made just five or ten minutes. Gather hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band (it should be tight enough, otherwise the strands begin to fall out of the tail at the stage of creating hairstyles). Pull the rubber band back to the tail was a little freer. Fingers make in the hair at the base of the tail between the scalp and gum) small hole and thread through the tail. It is necessary to pass from under the base of the tail up, and not Vice versa, otherwise you can get pretty old fashioned hairstyle in the style of the eighties of the last century. Now tuck the tail so that you get a smooth beam, and the ends hide under the beam and carefully attach them invisible. Additionally lock the beam varnish and hair done.

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