Professional hair care: myths debunked

профессиональный уход за волосамиSo easy to believe everything that comes out of your hairdresser, especially when he is in the hands of your precious hair and a pair of sharp scissors. But, despite the fact that hairdressers carry professional hair care products, no one knows your hair as well as you.

That’s why when it comes to tips to care for your beautiful hair, you need to listen to ourselves no less than to your stylist. They all sat in a Barber chair and meekly admitted the use of cheap hair products or even in the absence of a house of any products for hair care. Wincing when the stylist sighed and insisted that you came out of the salon with a bag full of cosmetics, which you never even thought you didn’t want to buy and did not need it. Or how many times you were “guilty” in a much more frequent haircuts than is actually required to your hair? Or not washed their hair for weeks on the recommendation of the cabin that lead to fatty, sagging locks?


10 ways your hairdresser might trick you

The list of mistakes that make the beauties, either because of ignorance or not following my own intuition is endless. But when it comes to hair care, do not be fooled into relying on what your stylist tells you. Trust your instincts and the facts, before spending time and money on new daily hair care. Because, when it comes to your hair, only you have the experience and knowledge of what really works.

We need to dispel the myths and gain the confidence to do what, in your opinion, is the correct one for your own hair. How often you should really cut your hair and what shampoo to use, to what foods you do or do not – learn a few tips on hair care and tricks that your stylist wouldn’t want to let you know. You will be surprised.


Dry shampoo will solve all problems

Although there is no doubt that the prompt use of dry shampoo will give hair a chance to hold out for unwashed second day, use it to style your hair, not so simple as your hairdresser might tell you. Dry shampoo – even the expensive brands – do not give long-term volume and reduce Shine earlier your glossy mane. Instead, try a good spray for the hair, such as John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Out Spray for hair styling with lasting effect.


Cheap shampoo ruining your hair

Whatever expensive shampoo your hairdresser may try to sell you, don’t buy it. You only need to look at the first six ingredients in the product, the rest is present in the product in such small quantities that it is not so important to worry about him. Look for ingredients such as argan oil and cheap shampoo is just as good as more expensive.


Thin hair must be short

It is considered that is thin, like baby hair can’t grow, that is the pursuit of great length should not be undertaken in any case. But if your hair can grow longer, there’s no reason not to get the length you like. Just need to take care of their fragile hair – a lot of deep conditioning and regular update of tips, as well as low heat styling will help you to look great with any length hair.


Haircut with layers will make your hair look thicker

It completely depends on your hair type. Layers can add textured appeal and depth of the cut made with a smooth cut that gives the hair dynamics and creates the appearance of thick, voluminous strands. But this is not necessarily the only option. Trimming thin hair when they are dry, will provide a smooth cut on the ends to create the illusion of thicker hair – without breaking the same length of all hair.


Regular trimming of the ends makes hair grow faster

This is absolutely not true. Regular trimming will keep your hair in excellent condition, but will not lead to more rapid growth. If you are trying to grow hair, the only advantage of frequent cut that split ends will not be able to appear on your hair, you don’t need to trim the hair too short to remove split ends. Thus, ultimately, a regular haircut is always mean healthy hair, but not long.


You should not wash your hair every day

If your hairdresser tells you to use the extra day without washing your hair, you don’t necessarily have to listen to it and wait for the appearance of dirty hair. Only hair that is regularly stacked with a high temperature should wash as little as possible – and the only reason to limit the number of days in a week, when you use the heat treatment on the hair. If you dry your hair the natural way, it would be nice to wash them every day.


Brushing will improve the condition of your hair

There is a common belief that regular brushing hair distributes sebum from the scalp throughout the length of the strands, with the result that they become more strong and healthy. But there is definitely one rule for all. If thick and strong hair, combing is necessary, the thin, curly or weak do not scratch too often. If you want to moisturize your hair length and their ends, do not spare money on Kerastase Nutritive Irisome Touche Perfection to smooth out curly and add luster to dry hair.


You must trim the hair every six to eight weeks

This is the main idea that inspires the hairdresser to the client. If your hair is healthy, there is no need to trim the ends as often, especially when you are aiming for a short haircut. Healthy, strong hair can actually look good without trimming the ends from five to six months. So decide for yourself, depending on the condition of your hair, how often you do it.


You have to buy all the products in the line to maintain style

If your hair is trimmed properly, they should hold the shape without using several products. So don’t fool yourself, leaving the salon with a bag full of products that you may not need. Ask what one or two products are most appropriate for your haircuts, and stick to them.


Never cut themselves

It is clear that your stylist doesn’t want you yourself to do a complicated hair cut, but if you have hair one length or cutting, which requires almost weekly updates, self-trimming of the ends will not hurt you. Buy a good pair of scissors for the hair and cut only the ends – do not attempt to make a stylish haircut, it is definitely best left to the professional.

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