Prevention of hair loss that can and should be taken

профилактика выпадения волосNormal people lose 80-100 hairs every day – that is the number of hair every day completes its life cycle. In many cases, prevention of hair loss helps to prevent this process or at least slow it down.

Hair, having served their time, drop out, to make room for the growth of new hair. So to find his comb a certain amount of hair – naturally. To worry is only when hair falls out in much greater numbers than usual. With this problem sooner or later encounter many men and some women; causes of hair loss can be hormonal changes, poor diet, which leads to deficiency of essential nutrients, stress, intake of certain medications, thyroid problems, genetic predisposition, and so on.


Scalp massage

The benefits of scalp massage recently say very often, and for an increasing number of people, it becomes the same is usually part of routine care, as combing hair or washing in the morning and evening.

Why is it so useful? Massage stimulates circulation in the scalp, allowing the hair follicles receive more nutrients, and the hair roots become stronger.

The vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair no less than they need for healthy skin, muscles, bones, and so forth. In addition, massage helps relieve stress, which is one of the main causes of hair loss.


Oil for hair

Scalp massage is especially effective if you do it using vegetable oil that strengthens hair roots. The most useful oils to prevent hair loss consider:

  • Coconut oil is probably one of the best oils for hair. In India it is widely used for hair care and, perhaps not least because of this the country has a huge number of women are the owners of long, thick, silky hair. Coconut oil nourishes the scalp, moisturizes the hair and, at the same time, not allowing them to lose moisture. Moreover, it has antibacterial properties and prevents the development of infections of the scalp, some of which can lead to hair loss;
  • Olive oil contains many antioxidants that strengthen the hair and promote their growth. It is best to use extra virgin olive oil cold pressed (extra virgin) it is especially rich in vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids necessary for healthy hair;
  • Almond oil has a high concentration of vitamins E and D, iron, magnesium, calcium and healthy fats. It can be used to massage the scalp separately, or in combination with essential oils;
  • Lavender essential oil not only has a wonderful aroma, but is also a source of antioxidants and substances that have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It deeply nourishes hair, acting as air conditioning, treats dandruff, relieves itching, prevents or slows down hair loss. For prevention of hair loss, it is recommended to do a scalp massage with essential oil of lavender (it should be mixed with oil-based) at least once in a week or two. People with severe alopecia worth doing this massage every day or every other day, using as oil-carrier oil jojoba or grape seed oil;
  • Rosemary essential oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair.

Try to prepare a lotion against hair loss; for this mix in a clean glass container with 50 ml of rose water, 50 ml of distilled water, 15 ml of Apple cider vinegar, five drops of essential oil of rosemary, one or two teaspoons of jojoba oil, three drops of essential oils of carrot seed, and three drops of essential oil of geranium.

Before each use as it should shake the bottle of lotion. Apply a small amount of lotion – about two teaspoons – after the shower, still wet scalp. Gently massage the skin within a few minutes. Do not rinse the lotion. If after hair remains oily, add more water and/or rose water, and less of jojoba oil. Use lotion every day, and keep it in the refrigerator in a tightly closed bottle.

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