Powder to lighten hair – bring down the color

lighten hair on the eight tones. Powder to lighten the hair penetrates deeply into hair to bleach natural pigments. The individual strands, the highlights – everything is possible.


How to lighten hair powder

In a metal container pour one single dose of powder. Slowly add two doses of hydrogen peroxide or antioxidant creams. Mix everything well with a wooden spoon until a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture was put on dry hair. After 30-45 minutes, carefully rinse your hair.

Do not inhale the powder. During the procedure, lightening wear gloves. Avoid contact with eyes.

After bleaching you must do a mask or apply a hair conditioner.



Powder Coiffeo helps to neutralize warm tones. It ensures fast and effective lightening up to seven colours.

Powder Blond Subtil Poudre Decolorante 8 Tons lightens hair up to eight shades. It provides uniform lightening from roots to ends of hair. Perfectly neutralizes yellow shades.

For lighter colors (pastel pink, lavender) you can use powder of the following trademarks: Manic Panic, Stargazer and La Riche Directions.

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