Powder for hair styling – modeling and new forms

the powder.


The use of hair powder

Thanks to this magical tool for hair you can do the high hair, bunches and braids that are kept longer and do not break. Powder also absorbs oil on the hair. They seem to be more fresh and matte.

Apply a small amount of powder in the hair, giving it volume and shape in its sole discretion, from the roots or below. The result is instantaneous and incredible. Do not overload the hair, to avoid the sticky effect.



Colored powder hair Colors Dream presented in nine different shades. Its use does not harm the health of the skin and hair. The powder is easily applied to the hair, reviving them and giving you individuality. You can mix colors or choose one or two colors from the palette.

пудра Dream Colors

Dream Colors

пудра Taft

Taft Chaotique Fix

Taft Chaotique Fix the first powder for hair styling, which is very easy to use. In two minutes you will be able to easily do any packing as desired. Powder styling Taft Chaotique Fix does not require pre-shampooing, has a light texture and well distributed over the hair without weighing it down. Powder structures and shapes the hair without the use of additional funds to commit. After using the powder Taft Chaotique Fix on the hands, there remains a sticky residue.

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