Partial hair loss is a cause for serious concern

частичное выпадение волосHair loss always brings some discomfort, to disguise a receding hairline, regardless of their size, it is not always easy. Partial hair loss is a serious concern, both for men and for women.

Partial hair loss causes no less emotional stress than full baldness. Often people suffering from this disorder, depression and despondency. Completely get rid of hair loss problem is sometimes impossible, but there are methods that help to improve the situation. It is important not to fall into despair.


Why we lose our hair

Often hair loss is a natural sign of aging. If you notice that you have started to thin hair, but they do not fall into the critical number, specific reason for concern. If you lose a significant portion of hair within two months, the hair falls unevenly on the head are formed of round bald patches, you should seek medical help.

Partial hair loss occurs due to various reasons. In some cases, the person unconsciously pulls the hair during sleep or during emotional stress, such patients, it is recommended to change your hair shorter.

More often partial hair loss develops as a consequence of disorders of the autoimmune system. Sometimes the crash occurs as a result of stress, poor nutrition, parasite infestation or infection. Often at the root of the problem is the reason that almost no one understands, and it is a dental infection. Affecting the teeth, the infection spreads to the hair follicles, and if the specialist to whom you have asked about about hair loss that you cannot set an objective reason, should visit the dentist’s office.

With the problem of partial hair loss people may face at any age, people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland, it is much more likely to fall into a risk group for this type of baldness.

Not the last role is also played by heredity, about one in five suffering from partial baldness, says such problems with relatives or family members.

In case of partial loss of hair on the head appear bald with smooth, shiny skin. The hole where you place your hair follicles remain open, but the hair shafts are missing. On the edges of the receding hairline can be short deformed hairs on the head may be the one you had or more. Sometimes with partial hair loss, hair fall relatively evenly and thinning all over the head.

Partial hair loss, of course, very unpleasant problem, but fortunately, the hope for the restoration of hair in such cases, not a phantom. Living hair follicles can grow new hair, when it happens, it’s hard to say, but, as a rule, after 6-9 months the hair in the affected area is restored. This regrown hair often have a white color, but after 12-18 months they acquire normal color, in some cases after a few years hair color again changes. One person out of 20 partial loss of hair can take quite severe, in other words complete baldness.


What to do?

In some cases, partial hair loss, a positive result is observed when applying Regaine solution, but the effect lasts as long as you RUB the solution into the scalp.

To fight with partial hair loss also use steroid injections or steroid ointment, but such treatment is not always effective, to the same result holds for exactly as long as you are taking a course of steroid therapy.

Dithranol ointment used in the treatment of psoriasis, but some people try using this tool to prevent hair loss. Dithranol is made of tar, it is believed that the tar promotes hair growth. Dithranol is rubbed into the scalp for a few hours, then wash off. The effectiveness of this tool is very relative, and in the use of Dithranol ointment very uncomfortable.

For the treatment of partial hair loss and prevention, you can use essential oils.

In the scalp, it is recommended to RUB the mixture of oils of rosemary, lavender, thyme, and cedar. Better to do it at night, wrap your head with a warm towel, and in the morning wash your head with a mild shampoo. Heat promotes better penetration of nutrients into the hair roots. A positive result is noted in a few months from the start of the course.


What are we doing wrong?

Partial hair loss may lead to excessive use of tools for styling and hot styling. The heat melts lipstick, gels, mousses and the like products, along the hair shaft they can reach the root and cause inflammation of the hair follicles. Inflammation, in turn, damages the hair follicles, and the hair at the site of the lesion begins to fall out.

Sometimes partial hair loss caused by poor blood circulation due to too tightly braided braid, stiff tails, hair type African braids and so on.

Children often unconsciously pulling hair, on the site of plucked hairs, then grow new, hard and prickly. Sometimes this habit manifests itself in adulthood (mostly in women), but in adults the unconscious pulling out hair is the result of psychological disorder and fight with him is much harder than with a child’s habit.

Fungal infection in children often leads to partial loss of hair, and the scalp where the hair falls out, red and scaly. Hair growth is restored after neutralization of infection.

Some diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus or sarcoid, can cause partial loss of hair. In such cases, treatment is appointed by the specialist.


What to do with the rest of the hair

Selection of hairstyles in critical hair loss causes certain difficulties. Some treatments may not be safe for healthy hair, so it’s best to conduct local procedures, for example, RUB therapeutic solutions only in the area of hair loss. Deciding on radical measures like shaving bald may not all, so as a temporary measure you can start to wear a wig, a hairpiece, a variety of shawls or scarves. However, before trying on a wig or wearing a turban, it is necessary to identify the cause of hair loss. Sometimes such measures lead to an exacerbation of allergic reactions and increased hair loss.

Partial hair loss it is best to make a short cut, this haircut will make up the difference between “old” and “new” hair.

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