Oblique bangs with long hair, a variety of models

косая челка с длинными волосамиThere is little that complements a good haircut and well-chosen hair color as oblique bangs. It goes perfectly with a variety of hairstyles for short medium hair. Looks great and oblique bangs with long hair, straight or curly.

Oblique bangs long hair, wore or are now celebrities such as Taylor swift, Dianna Argon, Katy Perry, Emma stone, Jennifer aniston, Hilary Duff, Gwyneth Paltrow. On the one hand, oblique bangs brings diversity in the way women (unfortunately, long-haired beauties are often monotonous hairstyle or simply smoothly cut long hair, that beautiful, but pretty boring), and on the other, allows to divert attention from some drawbacks.


Who would use oblique bangs long hair

косая челка с длинными волосамиOne of the major advantages of oblique bangs is that she can decorate almost any person and accents so that small defects will not be evident. For example, using oblique bangs for long hair, you can soften the facial contours of a square or rectangular shape, and a little “pull” round face.

In addition, oblique bangs look stylish, but not too boldly, and then it will come up as a student and a woman who daily have to wear suits and to compare their appearance with the dress code, which has very strict limits. However, it should be borne in mind that slash bangs will have to adjust once every two to three weeks, otherwise its appearance soon will leave much to be desired. So if you wear long hair, largely because they can be cut every two months, oblique bangs, you may not fit.


Types of hairstyles for long hair with oblique bangs

  • Haircut layers with long oblique bangs

косая челка с длинными волосамиStrictly speaking, this bangs can be called the shortest layer haircuts, gently framing the face. Bangs can be long just below the cheekbones, or almost reach the jaw line. To put it quite simply. After you wash your hair, apply a styling product, rascalities, and make the parting. Again comb the bangs and dry it with a hair dryer, keeping the dryer from the side opposite to that in which you usually put the bangs. That is, if you usually put the bangs to the right, directing air from the dryer to the left, and Vice versa. This will add bangs, volume, and will save you from the “smoothed” that very few people decorate. The ends of the layers can slightly twist comb and blow dry.

This haircut is ideal for women with long face shape, but in General, it is suitable to face almost any shape.

  • Short oblique bangs long hair

косая челка с длинными волосамиThe length of this Bang – up to temple or to the cheekbones. Thick short bangs looks good with a slightly curled ends. Relatively rare and short oblique bangs perfectly bobbed with ragged edges. Such haircuts look good on perfectly straight hair, and with a slightly curled ends. They are ideal for women with a low forehead.

Note that to create a hairstyle on long hair with short bangs, which will look really harmoniously is not an easy task, so try to find a master with extensive experience, preferably something to which regularly refer your friends, and be satisfied with its services. Too short, poorly made oblique bangs on long hair may be a couple weeks significantly to spoil your image.

  • Oblique bangs medium length with short hair-the ladder

This bangs is the perfect complement to the classic “ladder”, giving it a complete, concise, beautifully frames the face. Haircut that looks good on smooth and curly hair.

  • Long bangs long curly hair

косая челка с длинными волосамиA few long layers will give curly hair for more volume and will give you many different possibilities for styling. Bangs length up to the jaw line may look like a long coat that can be easily tucked behind her ear, and as bangs – depending on what kind of styling you decide to do. This haircut is ideal for a girl with any face shape and hair texture, but it is best to do it on the hair, which are all from nature, otherwise the placement will take too much time.

  • Thick oblique bangs long hair cascade

косая челка с длинными волосамиA haircut should be done on thick hair, otherwise after the bangs is ready, the rest of the hair with great probability will resemble a rat tail. Besides, she feels best in slightly curly hair, although for women with straight hair. The bangs do with the length up to the middle of the cheeks, or almost to the chin. The transition from the bangs to the shortest layers, a length of about up to my chin, very smooth. Grooming will especially look good on hair with highlights or feathers on three or four shades lighter than the natural hair color.

  • Short oblique bangs long straight hair

косая челка с длинными волосамиVgedit elegant and stylish but fit it difficult – especially if your hair is not naturally straight. On the other hand, she has a lot of advantages – it softens opal rectangular or square faces, suitable for women of almost any age, fits in any style. If you decide on a haircut, be sure to buy a good flat iron for hair straightening, which even with regular use, will not damage your hair.

  • Smooth short bangs with curly hair

Oblique bangs long to eyebrows or slightly below combines perfectly with a slightly curly thick hair. A haircut may be seen on actress Reese Witherspoon – it underlines a beautiful heart-shaped face shape. A haircut, however, can do and girls with oval or oblong face. If you have a square or round face, it is better to choose a slanting bangs longer.


Is it possible to make a slanting bangs for long hair at home?

косая челка с длинными волосамиIf you do not have enough time and/or money to visit a hairdresser, of course, you can try to make the bangs on their own. In theory it is not so difficult, but in practice the probability of becoming the owner of hairstyles that you are not completely satisfied, fairly high. Therefore, it is best, of course, to entrust the creation oblique bangs experienced master; if you decide to do the grooming yourself, the following recommendations for you.

Wash, dry (but not completely dry) hair, and rascalities. Separate the hair, which will make the bangs, and the rest collect in the tail. Safesite future bangs forward, and immediately decide how long and at what angle you are going to cut. Sharp scissors, cut the hair from the top point of your future fringe to the bottom (not Vice versa!). Brush and, if necessary, adjust the bangs – cut wigs hair podrobnaya line, resulting not quite straight.

To do at home ragged slash bangs better not – it requires special skills.

Also, don’t make a very short bangs – if you do not like to grow this bangs is long. It is best to do the bangs length below the cheekbones – in this case, the possible shortcomings of your work will not be as noticeable as if you decide to make a short fringe.

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