New year’s hair styling: you can afford all

новогодняя укладка волосThe evening of December 31 mesmerizing beauty and variety of hairstyles, decorated with various accessories. New year go back to the classics, let your new year’s hair styling accentuate the face and add elegance to your outfit.


All kinds of braids

Braids can also be turned into beautiful Christmas hairstyle. The hair collected in a braid of hair is impossible to mess up. That hair looked more bright and original, you can pick up accessories. On this day, everything is permitted, from bandages to hair clips with rhinestones. A little advice to new hair stayed all night – don’t spare the lacquer.


How to make curls

Hollywood curls are always in fashion. The day before, wash your hair and apply a styling mousse to give the hair structure. In addition, the mousse protects hair from heat. Then a small diameter Curling iron curl the hair in beautiful curls and fix the paint. Now grab a wide lock of hair and slightly necesite before putting it back.


Affordable bundle

The beam is always in the list of the most popular hairstyles. To give it glamor, use jewelry. Good smooth hair and gather them back in a low ponytail. Then twist hair around the base of the tail and secure with Bobby pins. Decorate the bun with accessories.


The hair to one side

Hair styling one side is not uncommon. This option is suitable mostly for owners of long hair. The hairstyle is quite simple to perform, but it is no less spectacular. For styling use Curling irons small diameter and curl each strand into a curl from the middle to the end. Side make clear slipped and put all of the hair from either side at their discretion. Spray the hair lacquer to fix my hair.



Braid-the circlet round the face and gives your outfit a romantic touch. If you have hair of sufficient length, remove one strand in the front of the head and braid it in a braid from root to tip, circling the head. If you have short hair, you can buy braid and fasten it on the head as a headband.



A more current version of hairstyles – unchanging beam-banana. Comb hair, apply styling mousse, and then make side slipped. From the side with more hair start to twist it along its entire length, starting from the roots and rising to the side of the head. Secure the banana with the help of pins and spray lacquer.


Locks, springs

If you like retro style, curl hair in curls, springs with large hot rollers. Gently comb them. This hairstyle perfectly complement the beautiful long dress with thin spaghetti straps.


Hair back

Gathered the back hair was a good idea to celebrate the New year. If you are going to dance all night, this hairstyle will allow you to stay elegant. Make side-slipped and then safesite hair back, fixing them in a low ponytail or a bun. Use hair gel.


Triple beam

If you like bundles, then this version of the Christmas styling for you. At the back gather the hair in a ponytail. Divide it into three parts and every screw to the base of the tail, using fixing clips. Drizzle with varnish.

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