Modern multicredits for fine hair: professional and folk

современные мультисредства для тонких волосIf a woman catches the eye of beautiful, lush styling, this does not mean that her beautiful hair – the gift of nature. Many simply do not hurry to get upset, knowing how to emphasize advantages and to hide disadvantages. Admiration she deserves the winner of hairstyles for its ability to provide continuous care and well-chosen modern multicredits for fine hair will help give them a healthy and beautiful appearance.


Particularly care for thin hair of various types

The reason for thin hair may be hiding in heredity and also in various life situations: stress, pregnancy, diet, numerous discoloration or staining. Therefore, in addition to usual care, is required to prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth.

Thin hair can be dry and oily at the entire length or just at the roots but have dry ends.

Dry hair requires moisturizing and strengthening products, therefore, the most effective is comprehensive care. B vitamins essential for lifeless hair, vitamin b provides power, ceramide restore damaged hair, while keratin strengthens and helps to create volume. For dry hair is to give preference to the line of fitosauna based on nettle, plantain, oregano, series. Brittle hair useful twice a month to RUB into the roots of burdock, paraffin, corn oil or coconut oil. This procedure effectively prevents dandruff and soothes.

For oily hair the most suitable preparations for the care, blocking excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. Herbal medicine is the best option. Excellent job with the fat hair is not dry, do not destroy the structure of hair follicles shampoos burdock root, St. John’s wort, sage, yarrow, oak bark, birch.

Means for combination hair needs to have more functional ability to moisturize the dry parts of the strands and to eliminate basal fat. Today, there are a lot of drugs dual action. For example, shampoos with sea kelp actively care for the hair of the mixed type.


Cosmetics and their selection

When buying shampoos and other care products for thin hair you need to familiarize yourself with the contents. Many trade brands represent professional cosmetics, where a balanced set of useful components will ensure proper care of hair of all types.

One of the leading in the world market firms L’oreal offers a complete line of shampoos based on cocoa extract. Co-ingredients included vitamins a and C, calcium, sodium, magnesium. Complex actively influences the hair, moisturizes and provides nourishment, eliminates dryness of the epidermis, prevents flaking, tones, gives a natural glow.

средства для тонких волос L’Oreal Volume Architect

L’oreal Volume Architect

Lotion L’oreal Volume Architect, once inside, updates the keratin layer, leading to thickening of the hair structure. Easy to use, apply after washing on the still damp strands. Due to the heat properties of the hair does not get too dry when using a dryer.

Mask of the same brand Volume Expand nourishes brittle hair, while not weighing it down. It contained crystals of calcium envelop the hair, giving the hairstyle volume. Apply to clean hair, and then immediately washed off. Has a pleasant aroma.

Numerous testimonials confirm the effectiveness of these tools, but they belong to the premium class, consequently, price range is quite high.

современные средства для тонких волос Чистая Линия

Clean Line

To the more affordable and quite effective brand apply balm, based on traditional recipes from the people. Belarusian brand produces a series of products for hair care. Shampoo for density and volume designed for fine hair, which natural herbal extracts restore and strengthen their structure.

Among the Russian brands leading eco-cosmetics from Pure Line. Lately deserves attention, “Nature siberika” that contains natural components. And, last, the brand produces several series of cosmetic products that stimulate maximum thickening and volume to hair.


Home methods to care for damaged hair

No need to buy ready made masks, when all the necessary ingredients are present in the home kitchen:

  • A few tablespoons of olive oil (you can substitute any vegetable), beat the egg yolks, apply to hair before washing. Lecithin, which is rich in these foods improves the hair structure, eliminates dryness and moisturizes them.
  • The same oil can be mixed with lemon juice.
  • Two tablespoons of burdock and olive oil, one tablespoon of honey, few drops of liquid vitamin E good RUB. The mixture is spread on the hair, cover your head with polyethylene and top with the warm towel and leave for an hour.
  • Yogurt mask strengthens the roots.
  • Pour boiling water over the rye bread, leave to rot for two hours. Then drain, squeeze and chop the pulp, RUB into the hair. After half an hour, rinse decoction of herbs.
  • Noted that high efficiency has burdock oil. Enveloping hair and deeply penetrating roots, it promotes their active growth, has a therapeutic effect on the split ends.
  • If any of the masks drop essential oil of rosemary, orange, ylang-ylang, the hair will gain a healthy glow. As for the proportions, their exact observance is not essential. Each combines components at your discretion depending on hair length and problems that require solutions.

None of the professional or folk remedies can not be attributed to the category of “magic” that will instantly solve the problem. Each of them works in several ways, but not all at once. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready that it will take a lot of patience and best if a comprehensive care will select the specialist.

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